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We have contributed with skills within welding and pipe work, construction, engineering and project management at Metacon AB’s construction of a hydrogen gas station for Uppvidinge Vätgas AB. It is Sweden’s first complete public hydrogen gas station for heavy vehicles and passenger cars which gets the hydrogen produced with electricity from its own wind turbine.

The hydrogen filling station has been built in parallel with the installation of an electrolysis plant for the production of green hydrogen gas at the Uppvidinge Vätgas wind turbine in Småland. The plant has a capacity of 200 kilograms of pure hydrogen per day.

We have delivered pipe welding, pipe work, assembly of container stations and peripheral equipment as well as expertise in construction, engineering and construction project management. The demands on Jernbro’s welding work have been high as the station works with high pressures (350 bar for passenger cars and 700 bar for heavy vehicles).

− A key factor in the collaboration between Jernbro and Metacon has been that Jernbro had construction and engineering expertise on site and was able to work “ad hoc”. Due to late changes and decisions, they have been able to re-project in real time. During the construction period, we have had to make adjustments to comply with the existing standards and directives, but we have also been involved in setting standards that do not yet exist in the hydrogen area. Jernbro has had great patience and commitment to the project, which has not followed the traditional project model, says Jonas Danielsson, Business Area Manager electrolysis at Metacon.

− Due to the successful collaboration in Uppvidinge, we will expand it. Firstly, Jernbro will be contracted as EPC partner for the next two facilities in Sweden, which are to be built in Arvidsjaur and Piteå. In the new projects, Jernbro’s contribution will be expanded. Based on lessons learned in our first collaborative project, we will include prefabrication of pipe work at Jernbro and Jernbro’s project management to control the construction work, continues Jonas.

− The collaboration with Metacon has worked very well. It has contributed to a signing of a new contract regarding new hydrogen gas stations in Norrland. It will be an in-depth collaboration where we will also carry out a large amount of pipe prefabrication in our workshop in Finspång, says Henric Esko, Business Unit Manager Project Area North, Jernbro.

On August 31, Metacon AB and Uppvidinge Vätgas AB will inaugurate the wind-powered hydrogen gas filling station. Jernbro will be on site as an exhibitor in Älghult.

− You can say that our work is part of the foundation for this pioneering hydrogen gas station. It has been rewarding to contribute our cutting-edge skills in this green conversion project that offers a 100% environmentally and climate-friendly alternative to traditional fuel, concludes Henric.





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