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For your existing plant and of course for our own products, we can evaluate opportunities for optimizing processes and upgrading equipment as well as maintenance and spare parts to maintain the equipment’s performance over time. We are also keen to give you good service and maintenance agreements so that the equipment can be serviced for many years.

Process optimization & upgrade

We want your existing polymer and thickening equipment to work optimally in order to be able to contribute fully. That’s why we offer professional process optimization and upgrades. With our long experience of sludge treatment and polymer handling, we help industries and municipal treatment plants to improve and streamline existing sludge and water processes and to investigate whether existing equipment needs to be adjusted or upgraded with new parts.

We analyze the equipment’s process and performance and come up with action proposals to solve any problems or to increase its performance. By implementing the proposed measures, the service life of the equipment is extended. It’s a good environmental choice insteda of buying new equipment. At the same time, the effort helps you to meet the ever-increasing environmental and energy requirements that are set, as well as increase cost efficiency in the long term.

eftermarknad vatten avloppPreventive maintenance

When it comes to preventive maintenance, we can support with both resources and expertise to make the equipment safer, more efficient and more accessible. With the right control and supervision, maintenance can be planned instead of having to rush out for emergency measures. With the help of smart solutions intended for the water and sewage sector (WS) as well as the industrial sector, maintenance will thus cost less in the long run.

We have a wide offer within maintenance and can help you with everything from individual efforts to complete solutions where we take full responsibility for technical support functions and supply systems. We have about 30 establishments in Sweden and can, within our aftermarket services, combine local maintenance resources with specialist services to optimize a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts for most brands in the Scandinavian market. We know how important it is to maintain a high level of safety and to keep production going. Therefore, we have built up a wide network of suppliers to be able to quickly deliver spare parts when needed.


Many of our customers choose to sign an annual service and maintenance agreement with us. An agreement ensures both sound operation and prosperous equipment. Contact us to sign your own agreement.

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