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We take our environmental responsibility

We not only take responsibility for society and the environment in general, but also for how our operations affect the place where we operate. Our environmental responsibility includes constantly trying to reduce our own environmental impact that arises from energy use and transport. Externally, we help our customers fulfill their environmental commitments by proactively proposing environmental improvement measures through the services and products we offer.

We help our customers achieve their sustainability goals

By, for example, developing and streamlining customers’ facilities and machine maintenance, we help them create more sustainable production and extend the life of the machines. Within Jernbro Water Technologies, we have our products and services for handling and purifying process water, which make a strong contribution to a cleaner environment. Through Energy Management, we investigate possible measures to increase energy efficiency, which in turn reduces the environmental impact. With component servicing, we increase the service life of most components, which also provide a boost in the right direction regarding sustainability.

We take responsibility for employees and suppliers

Our business must be characterized by a high ethical and moral standard. We place high demands on how our business affects the environment, society and customers’ business. We also strive to be a responsible and developing employer. Our Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers governs how we behave in our work within the company and towards the outside world. In addition to them, we have several policies that guide us how to act and work regarding equal treatment, gender equality, the environment, well-being, anti-corruption and much more.

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