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At Jernbro, we don’t only take responsibility for society and the environment at large, but also for how our organisation affects the community in which we operate.

Our organisation must be economically sustainable

A stable and profitable development provides security for owners, customers, suppliers and co-workers. It is also essential to apply sound business ethics.

We contribute to a better society

We take a social responsibility and want to be part of developing society. We do this by being a responsible and stimulating employer and we actively influence our suppliers to do the same thing.

We take responsibility for the environment

Our environmental responsibility involves continuously reducing our own environmental impact and influencing our customers and helping them in their environmental work. Our responsibility is also reflected in the requirements on our suppliers.

We take responsibility for our suppliers

We make sure our suppliers can live up to our sustainability policy. When we sign a supplier agreement, we perform a thorough supplier assessment based on the supplier’s technical, economical and organisational ability as well as total delivery capacity. We then follow this up regularly to ensure that the supplier lives up to the requirements stipulated in the procurement procedure.

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