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We have signed a maintenance agreement with H&M which covers the machines that are part of their recycling system “Looop”. The system was installed last autumn in H & M’s store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm and is one of only 2 systems of this type in the whole world.

– It is exciting for us at Jernbro to have signed an agreement regarding the machines included in the system that will inspire H & M’s customers to recycle their old clothes, says Urban Sjöström, regional manager Mid-North at Jernbro.

The recycling system contains several machines that Jernbro now handles both remedial and preventive maintenance on. The remedial work is both mechanical and electrical and includes, for example, adjustment of rotating parts, feeding devices, belt drives and sensor adjustments. Maintenance should contribute to better productivity and increased safety.

Old garments, which are handed in by customers for recycling, go through eight steps. Among other things, they are cleaned, shredded into fibers, spun into new yarn that is finally knitted into new clothes.

– The spinning machines in particular have been in focus in the initial collaboration where Jernbro’s efforts have remedied several problems and thus contributed to H&M being able to keep production going, says John Pernevi at Global Construction & Facility Department at H&M Group.

At Jernbro, John Pernevi found the right expertise regarding the specific machines and a willingness to make a continuous reasoning about potential improvement measures, such as environmental improvement measures.

– I was concerned about finding a solution-oriented supplier, partly because there are so few of these types of machines that sit together and partly because I see that there is always room for improvement, explains John Pernevi.


H&M Stockholm

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