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We can service your machine park with
electronics repairs and spare parts

For you and our other customers in the industry, there are major challenges in ensuring the operation of the machine park and in particular older equipment:

  1. There’s no supply of spare parts
  2. Many actors and complex systems
  3. Difficult to find skills regarding older systems

Our electronics service can in many cases be the problem solver. We have extensive experience in repairing and supplying electronic spare parts.

Repairs and spare parts:

– Servo drive
– Converters
– Frequency converter
– Other control systems, such as PC
– Operator panels, HMI
– Monitor
– Positioning
– Communication
– Scanners
– Power supply

Guaranteed repair

To secure the operation of older machines for the future, we offer so-called Guaranteed repair. In such an agreement, we commit being able to repair electronics, electric motors and electric motor controls for a certain number of years in the future.

The purpose of Guaranteed Repair is to provide an alternative to new investments or retrofit to secure the operation of older machines.

The agreement often means that we also carry out preventive maintenance (FU) on current items.

In connection with the agreement, we review the balance levels in our warehouse with electronics . Here we have a very large assortment of spare parts and replacement units. If necessary, we can supplement the storage.

Guaranteed Repair

Upgrades and preventive maintenance

We also take care of upgrades and preventive maintenance (FU) on many electronic devices. One area where this has a definite positive effect on operational safety is servo drives.

Component service at our workshop or at your facility

You usually send the component to us, and we carry out the work in our own specially equipped workshop in Skövde. But if you need service at your facility, we will, of course, come to you.

Components for repair should be delivered to:
Jernbro Industrial Services AB
Strängslundsvägen 11
541 91 Skövde

The film shows how we, with a specially developed type of blasting, can gently remove protective varnish on circuit boards

Investigations and training

Do you have an older machine park and need to investigate to what extent it is possible to get spare parts and repairs of these? In that case, our competent resources can help.

We can also assist with training, such as in servo technology.

Webshop with spare parts 

In our web shop you can order circuit boards, servos and other electronic items – both new and used. You can also buy replacement units as well as service of components and systems.

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