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Jonas Andersson, group manager at Jernbro’s welding department in Avesta, received a call from Marcus Granqvist in the spring of 2019. Jonas knows Marcus since before, but the question he got this time, seemed so unlikely that he initially did not tell his colleagues about it.

Marcus Granqvist runs the company Hold Fast Marine AB in Borlänge. The offer includes standard and special jetties as well as customized boat trailers. Through a web search, Marcus was contacted by a company that develops and manufactures submarines for frogmen. The need they had was to develop and manufacture a pickup trailer for a submarine. However, time was scarce and the needed quantity was six new wagons. Marcus contacted Jernbro in Avesta which he knew had both design and manufacturing capabilities.

Jonas and Marcus visited the customer immediately and the project started tearfully. Mathias Dahlström, constructor at Jernbro, developed a prototype that was tested at the end customers place. The trailer needed to be slightly narrower to easily be loaded into and out of a 40 foot container. A solution to that problem, ideas for further improvements and smart practical solutions were presented by Jernbro. Following the customer’s approval, the requirement was to be able to deliver two trailers within six weeks which, in addition to construction, welding and assembly, also included the collection of materials and a trip for the trailers back and forth to Degerfors for galvanizing.

“I’m really satisfied,” says Marcus Granqvist. “Working with Jernbro in this project has been very rewarding and exciting. In particular, I appreciate the flexibility and the Avesta team short decision paths. Our common ideas for both basic

Magnus Granqvist, the owner of Hold Fast Marine, to the left & Mathias Dahlström, constructor at Jernbro, to the right

construction and improvements have been quickly incorporated into the drawings. They have also been responsive to the end customer needs and they have come up with many good ideas that made the product better ”concludes Marcus who is in place just as the first two trailers are completed.

The welding workshop in Avesta has been a part of Jernbro since 2018. The team consists of 25 competent mechanics who work both at customers and in their own workshop.

In the fall of 2019, Jernbro acquired Veolia’s industrial services, which means that additional capacity and expertise have been added to Avesta. Not only in mechanics and welding, but also in electricity, automation, real estate service, machining and calibration.


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