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Jernbro Water Technologies is our collective term for all the products and services we offer for handling and purification of process water, regardless of whether it concerns the municipal water and sewerage sector or industrial process water.

We supply sludge thickeners and polymer equipment as well as upgrades, maintenance services and spare parts. Contracts for pipe installations and installation of process equipment in water and sewage are also included in our offer. In addition, we have specialist knowledge regarding status and risk assessments and CE marking.

The combination of our specialist competencies in the WS and industrial sector and our presence in 30 locations in Sweden from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north means that we can effectively adapt solutions that match your needs over time.

Polymer equipment

Our polymer equipment is used to separate organic material from water in order to be able to thicken and dewater the sludge. The equipment’s unique technology enables mixing, preparation, dissolution and dosing of polymer at, among other things, water and sewage treatment plants and in the paper industry. The products are innovative, cost-effective and designed to both streamline your business and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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Polymerutrustning Jernbro

Sludge thickening & drainage equipment

Our sludge thickening and drainage products will help you to separate water from sludge and to drain the sludge to get a dry end product. Through these high-performance and innovative solutions, cost efficiency is maximized, results are optimized and environmental impact is minimized.

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slamförtjocknings- & avvattnings utrustning

Consulting services

We offer specialist knowledge in status and risk assessments. This means that we perform inspections and evaluations of hardware and documentation of, for example, facilities and processes as well as risk assessments regarding staff safety.

Regarding CE-marking, we have the right competence to analyze your entire installation of built-in machine systems as well as machines and machine lines.

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konulttjänster VA

WS contracts & pipe installations

We have extensive competence and experience to undertake both full and partial contracts. With regard to installations of pipe systems and process equipment as well as mechanical assembly of pumps and pipe welding, we are the right partner.

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entreprenad och rörinstallationer

Aftermarket services

For your existing plant and of course for our own products, we can evaluate opportunities for optimizing processes and upgrading equipment. We also offer maintenance and spare parts to maintain the performance of the equipment over time. A matter of course is also good agreements regarding service and maintenance.

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Eftermarknad Vattenbehandling

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