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With sludge thickening equipment, water is separated and purified by gravity from the residual sludge product. To refine sludge to become a product that is as dry as possible, dewatering equipment is used to squeeze out as much water as possible. We offer a wide range of equipment for different applications and capacities. To give the best possible results with the lowest possible energy and chemical consumption, our products are carefully manufactured and based on both innovations and traditionally proven technology. 

With high technical know-how, we will help you with design, manufacture and installation of products for sludge thickening and drainage. Our solutions are innovative, cost-effective and designed to optimize your results while reducing the impact on the environment. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden and as a leader in drainage and sludge thickening equipment in Scandinavia, you can feel confident working with us.

Areas of application are water and sewage treatment plants, fishing, chemical, mining and paper industries, as well as foundries, biogas applications and food processing. Actually all industrial process activities with process water.


Jernbro Water Technologies

Sludge Thickener – BT


These high-performance thickening machines are adapted for industrial and municipal facilities.

New innovations are combined with traditionally proven technology to ensure today’s high demands.

The system is completely closed and acts as a first dewatering step. They are designed to function as a separate thickening equipment or together with our screw press.

The machines separate sludge and water by gravity as well as static filtration. Filtration must be a gentle process so that the sludge is separated and not broken at any time.

There are several types of sludge plows, such as rotary or static, each of which is designed to provide as efficient sludge drainage through the filtration belt as possible.

Screw press – SCP

Skruvpress SCP

This screw press is used after thickening and drains the sludge up to 25% dry content on outgoing sludge. The level of dry solids (DS) thus increases on the outlet sludge.

The material is dewatered in the long conveyor of the screw press. At the end, a back-pressure plug is formed from the already dewatered sludge. The back pressure can be easily adjusted by monitoring.

The shaft screw makes the screw press particularly suitable for materials that tend to clump together. Screw coils with shaft reduce the need for maintenance, as they can operate at a significantly higher filling speed in the conveyor, without mechanical deformation.

Dewatering press – DWP


Dewatering press is applied when there’s a need for a higher level of dry solids (DS) on outgoing sludge and when the capacity is high (up to 80 m3/h).

The dewatering press ensures an outgoing DS of 18-25%.

It’s specifically suitable when there’s a low level of dry solids on incoming sludge (0.1% to 0.5%).

The dewatering press can be combined with a Gravity Belt Thickener (a so called DWP-Combo) to get a complete equipment with both thickening and dewatering in the same application.

Belt thickener BT-Orcas

BT Orcas förtjockningsutrustning

BT-Orcas is a high-performance thickening machine that has been specially modified for use in fish farms. In fish production, this type of separation equipment is needed to reduce the amount of water from residual products (fish sludge).

It combines new innovation with traditional proven technology to confirm today’s high demands.

The product is available in several sizes.

Dynamic sludge mixer – SDM

Dynamisk Mixer

This dynamic sludge mixer blends process water with various chemical substances (eg flocculant and polymer) to improve the sludge structure prior to the dewatering process.

It provides a low energy cost with high efficiency of dynamic mixer blend.

The mixers are made entirely of stainless steel alloys such as AISI304 or AISI316L.

Suitable application areas are, for example, biogas applications, the chemical and paper industries and water and sewage treatment plants.

Static sludge mixer – SSM

Static Sludge Mixer SSM

The sludge mixer’s design reduces chemical consumption by up to 25% and optimizes the mixture of organic and inorganic flocculants, such as polymer.

The flocculant is added immediately before the sludge mixer through a tangential injector ring with nozzles and mixed to a homogeneous suspension. The flocculation reaction occurs immediately after the flocculant has been added and is significantly affected by the energy (turbulence) that occurs in the mixer.

The sludge mixer can also be mounted where different media streams are to be mixed, before flocculant is added.

Mobile dewatering unit – MDU

The dewatering unit is exemplary to use during test runs, planned conversions and urgent downtime.

It functions as a stand-alone system where the operator only connects incoming flush water, process water and electricity as well as connections for incoming and outgoing sludge and reject water. All connections are flanged with easy access.

The benefits of using a mobile dewatering unit in the form of a container are many. On one hand, the user creates a better idea of how performance and requirements are met for any subsequent investment in a larger drainage system. It also provides a quick and very simple solution of temporary process water treatments.

The container can be purchased as a complete solution, but is also possible to rent. The rental alternative is suitable for troubleshooting when there is a temporary problem with the process water, among other things.

The MDU can be delivered in several different configurations, depending on current needs and processes.

avvattning container

Belts for filtration


We offer different designs of belts, all of which are adapted to your specific process. The most important thing with belts is to have the right type for your application and process. We have great expertise within this field.

Cri-Man Chopper pumps and mixers


As a reseller of Cri-Man products in the Nordic region, we offer full service of all chopper pumps and mixers in sludge thickening and drainage. We help you with dimensioning and suggestions to ensure that you get the best product for your application.

Cri-Man broschyr

Johstadt PF-pumps

Johstadt PF excenterskruvpumparWe are resellers of PF eccentric screw pumps for applications in sludge thickening, dewatering and polymer handling. We will of course, help you out with the selection of a suitable product, as well as dimensioning and service of the pumps.


Please note that the product images on this page may not exactly match the real equipment, as development and modification for the better takes place ongoing.


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