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Workshops with great opportunities to
renovate and test drive machine spindles

For you and our other customers in the industry, there are major challenges in ensuring the operation of the machine park and in particular for older equipment:

1. There’s no supply of spare parts
Many actors and complex systems
3. Difficult to find competences regarding older systems

Our spindle service can in many cases solve the challenges since:
– We can repair, renovate and test drive different spindles
– We have unique opportunities to renovate complicated spindles

This combination means that we can offer solutions that ensure long-term machine operation.

The film shows a test run of a belt-driven spindle

We perform repairs and renovations of

Motor spindles
Belt driven spindles
Drill boxes
Powered tools
Grinding of ISO cones at your site

Testkörning spindelmotor

Test run and balancing of a spindle motor

We offer everything from disassembly to test driving and balancing

With our machinery and appropriate equipment, we can:

  • disassemble complicated spindles
  • troubleshoot
  • renovate defective parts
  • test drive and balance after renovation

We can also add bearing kits to our warehouse. It streamlines the renovation work for recurring jobs. It also acts as an insurance that minimizes the consequences of any breakdowns.

Quality and experience

Our high competence and long experience of motor spindles means that we can renovate your important milling and grinding spindles with high quality. The condition of the spindles is often decisive for the quality outcome of the end product. With great knowledge and high accuracy, we guarantee a good result.


Tool spindles are complicated and require high precision to function satisfying. With our broad experience, we are helpful in solving your specific problems.

Mätning spindel

Measurement of a spindle






Component service at our workshop or at your facility

You usually send the component to us, and we carry out the work in our own specially equipped workshop in Avesta and Skövde. But if you need service at your facility, we will of course, come to you.

In Skövde, the focus is on high-precision spindles, primarily for the engineering and woodworking industries. In Avesta, we repair larger spindles that are primarily used in steel and sawmills.

Components for repair should be delivered to:

Jernbro Industrial Services AB
Strängslundsvägen 11
541 91 Skövde


Jernbro Industrial Services AB
Källhagsgatan 18
774 35 Avesta

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Magnus Johansson, Service Leader, Spindles Skövde +46 10-483 00 62 Email

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