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Polymer is a flocculation chemical that is used, for example, to separate organic material from water in order to then be able to thicken and dewater the sludge. We offer a wide range of equipment for different applications and capacities for polymer handling, that is mixing, preparation, dissolution and dosing of polymer. With the help of our experience of different types of flocks, we know which ones that should be used in the water and sewerage sector and for process water in the industry. By installing a polymer equipment from Jernbro, you will contribute to a cleaner environment and ensure that you comply with current environmental laws.

We have a long and solid experience of design, manufacture and installation of polymer equipment that makes us a leader in Scandinavia. The products are manufactured in Sweden and are innovative, cost-effective and designed to streamline your business and at the same time contribute to a cleaner environment for people and nature.

Our products are of great benefit to water and sewage treatment plants as well as in the fishing, chemical and paper industries, foundries, biogas applications and food processing, as well as other industrial process businesses with process water.


polymer utrustning

Polymer System – SDT

Dubbeltank SDT

This double tank is a complete equipment for dissolving and dosing polymer in various applications.

The unit is based on traditional design regarding polymer mixers and consists of a mixing tank and a storage tank.

The system mixes polymer and water in the mixing chamber located on top of the storage tank while the finished solution is taken out of the storage tank.

This gives a good mixture and sufficient ripening time for the emulsion polymer.

– Electric control cabinet
– Dosing pumps
– Diluted board

Polymer System Medium and Large – PSM och PSL

Polymersystem PSL

We design and manufacture polymer units that effectively dissolve powder polymer with water into a homogeneous solution.

Our solution has continuous mixing in contrast to the conventional with storage tank. They are used for both polymer in liquid and powder form.

Our unique vertical resolution technology enables a polymer system with one tank instead of two separate ones. This reduces the environmental impact, without compromising the quality of the resolution. The design differs in that the mixing takes place in the upper section and that the middle part functions as a maturation tank and that the lower one is storage and feed tank for mature dissolution. We thus provide maximum homogeneous solution with a single tank solution.

Unique features
– Fully automatic operation
– Vertical resolution technology
– Only one tank is required for operation
– Small imprint on the environment
– Powder handling can be installed in dry rooms
– Polymer dosing is done via our reliable PolyTube
– Transfer pump or storage tank is not required

Polymer System Medium – PSM
PSM are medium-sized units with a capacity of 6-16 kg/h and are available in three sizes.
– PSM 2000 liters
– PSM 4000 liters
– PSM 6000 liters

Polymer System Large – PSL
PSL are large units with a capacity of 30-50 kg/h and are available in two sizes. 
– PSL 12000 liters
– PSL 25000 liters

Polymer System Small – PSS

Polymer System Small PSS

The PSS series are polymer processors that take in granulating powder and liquid concentrated polymer oxygen and dissolve it in water. Since they take up little space, they are well suited for use in smaller water and treatment plants as well as in containers in the process industry. The boilers are delivered as a complete package with control cabinets and pumps.

These units are designed for use with liquid polymer and are available in three sizes.

– PSS Liquid 300 liters
– PSS Liquid 500 liters
– PSS Liquid 1000 liters

These units are designed for use with powder polymer and are available in three sizes.

– PSS Powder 300 liters
– PSS Powder 500 liters
– PSS Powder 1000 liters

– Electrical cabinet LCP
– Dosing pumps

Big Polymer Bag System – BPB

Big polymer bag system BPB

Our big bag system provides a dust-free and easy emptying of larger polymer bags. The system is available in different configurations.

Unique features
– Frame including electric lift
– Stainless steel frame and table
– Heated cone with venturi ejector, developed for Polytube
– Stainless steel screw feeder
– Compact, automatic and hygienic
– Internationally proven design
– Big bag table with screw feeder
– Fan for powder transport
– Big bag lifting system with electric or manual lifting and bagging

Small Polymer Bag System – SPB


Our system for small bags provides a dust-free and easy emptying of smaller polymer bags. The content of the bag, can easily be transferred to a silo, a mixer and a conveyor. The system is available in different configurations.

Unique features
– Heated cone and screw feeder in stainless steel
– Fan for powder transport
– Compact design
– Hygienic

Dilutionboard – SDB

Spädvattentavla SDB

This is used for diluting polymer or other chemicals to a lower concentration. It contributes to a better and easier involvement in the media. SDB is available in three sizes for pipe connections.

SDB models
– SDB-25 DN25
– SDB-32 DN32
– SDB-50 DN50


Please note that the product images on this page may not exactly match the real equipment, as development and modification for the better takes place ongoing.

Johstadt PF-pumps

Johstadt PF excenterskruvpumparWe are resellers of PF eccentric screw pumps for applications in sludge thickening, dewatering and polymer handling. We will of course, help you out with the selection of a suitable product, as well as dimensioning and service of the pumps.


Please note that the product images on this page may not exactly match the real equipment, as development and modification for the better takes place ongoing.


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