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Linde has expanded the plant in Norrköping to increase its capacity to clean and cool carbon dioxide. This entailed a need for extensive pipe work that was assigned to Jernbro.

– We have delivered a large cooling system in form of cooling water pipes that we have drawn to Linde’s four newly installed cooling towers. We have built the pipe systems according to Linde’s construction drawings and requirements. After this, we were responsible for the installation at the facility. It has been an interesting job, since it’s a new customer and a new industry for us to work in, says Emil Svensson, Project Manager at Jernbro’s department for Industrial Piping.

– We chose Jernbro due to right skills and that it felt safe to assign them the project since they showed that they would carry out the work in a good way, as well as the right price, says Martin Welin Berger, Project Manager at Linde.

After getting acquainted with the construction drawings and the purchase of beams and other materials, Jernbro’s work began with forging the relatively large pipe supports in their workshop.

Personnel with the right welding competence welded the parts together according to the internally produced welding data sheets. These so-called WPSs guarantee that the welding takes place with verified values to achieve a safe result. Before the actual main step in the form of assembly, the pipe supports needed to be corrosion protected. With the help of release drawings, the pipe supports were mounted on Linde’s plant, whereupon the pipes finally were laid on top of these.

Stainless steel pipes have been used to some extent, but it’s mainly so-called black pipes that are the project’s largest component. To protect the black steel pipes from rusting, they were painted. The steel pipes are large and thick and cannot be lifted by hand. In order to be able to handle this somewhat complicated piping, it had to be coordinated with crane lifting.

NDT-testing (non-destructive testing) have been performed on the pipe system by third parties with good results. Jernbro’s quality manager has established self-inspections that have been carried out continuously during the project on both pipes and forging.

– During the installation of the heat exchanger, pump and booster blower, the plant had to make a stop for 2 weeks. This was actually the challenge in the project, due to the cramped space where the products were to be installed and the limited time, Emil says.

– My experience is that the project has had a good flow during the work. In other words, they were able to stay on schedule. This has been combined with a good collaboration with Jernbro, where we are very satisfied with the end result, says Martin at Linde.

– My feeling is that Linde is satisfied with our efforts, especially considering that we have received new assignments. I am also proud of my employees who have what it takes for this type of complicated installation with lifting heavy pipes in tight spaces. It has required a lot of planning, Emil concludes.


Linde is a leading industrial gas and technology company with operations in over 100 countries. Linde’s products, services and technical solutions are used in many industries and applications, including in the chemical, paper & pulp, food, electronics, engineering and steel industries as well as healthcare.

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