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Our range of services is wide

Do you need to increase the capacity of the facility? Are you about to start manufacturing a new product on the same line?
Do you have to rebuild due to new regulatory requirements?

No matter what, with our cutting-edge expertise in machine safety, programming and system development, we can take you
from idea to finished facility. We will help you with feasibility studies and investigations that lead to solutions, which are followed
by a detailed solution. Project management and construction are followed upon, which ends with assembly.
This applies to both minor rebuilds and new complete machine or production lines.

Maintenance Engineers – Suggest measures for more efficient maintenance

The maintenance engineers at Jernbro will help you with suggestions that will increase the availability of machine equipment and personal safety or simply simplifies and streamlines the maintenance work itself

By analyzing previous maintenance efforts, machine designs and maintenance instructions, we can come up with action suggestions.

The engineers have our proven method Jernbro Maintenance Way as a tool. Several of our engineers are also certified maintenance managers according to EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies).

Project management – guarantees high quality throughout the project

Do you need to strengthen your project organization during the actual implementation phase? Our qualified project managers guarantee the highest quality throughout the project. We work on the basis of a well-documented project management model so we, in a structured way, can ensure quality and efficiency in all project deliveries.

One thing that we pay special attention to is the identification and management of risks. To our assistance, we have well-developed checklists that ensure that we meet all the requirements that you as a customer impose and that all relevant laws and regulations are met.

In projects we can collaborate with other suppliers and if you wish we can take responsibility for coordinating different parts of the project. We can also provide inspectors in machinery, construction, electricity, pipes, ventilation and control and control technology.

Construction project management – competent engineers for rebuilding and new constructions

Jernbro’s building and plant engineers take care of our construction projects. The construction project managers are accustomed to problem-solving with critical thinking both in rebuilding and new constructions. Planning, building permit management, quality assurance, procurement before the actual work begins is a common scenario.

Design – detailed solutions provide better design

The contruction work is an important part when we carry out assignments from idea to finished plant. We have a great deal of experience in construction, from light to heavy industry.

Within mechanical construction we can offer hydraulics and pneumatics, everything from smaller construction assignments to establishments of larger industrial operations.

We also have the competence to carry out electrical constructions, from idea to commissioning, including complete documentation and eventual CE marking. This can be control systems or power supply in both high and low voltage.

Production technology – basis for increased efficiency

When you want to develop your production facility, our engineers will found out what it looks like today and how you want it to look in the future. After the survey, we will come up with suggestions for solutions and give you a decision basis.

Our production technicians’ long experience combined with a number of proven methods and tools guarantee a good result. We can also take the overall responsibility and assist you with the implementation, after we together have we have decided how the plant should be developed.

Development leads to a quality-assured and efficient production with high availability and operational reliability, as well as interference-free production without narrow sectors.

In production technology we can help you with:

  • Pre-study and mapping of existing or future activities
  • Implementation and analysis of various quality measurements
  • Identification and analysis of key figures for increased efficiency and reliability
  • Construction, concept and action proposals
  • Simulation
  • Project management that includes overall responsibility for implementation
  • Quality assurance methodology

Management assignments – if needed for temporary skills enhancement

There is a great deal of expertise within Jernbro that you can benefit from. Talk with us if you, for example:

  • will rebuild the factory and need help in that process
  • need help with a feasibility study
  • temporarily lacks a maintenance manager who can lead your maintenance business
  • need a project manager for a big planned stop

The future of the industry work

The engineering team at Jernbro has participated in the construction of a demonstration cell where humans and collaborative robots assemble a product together. The work is part of the EU project ManuWork, where companies, universities and the EU together have developed tools that are tested and developed in the cell.

By integrating manual work with automation, the assembly line can be optimized according to the goals you want to achieve, such as reducing lead times, having a more flexible and safer workplace, improving ergonomics and achieving the highest possible productivity. More information.

Project Manuwork is presented in the film above.

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