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Our maintenance operations are divided into the following three regions. In each region there is a complete range of services that make your business spin better.

Region Sothwest

In Southwest we have a broad experience of the industry within vehicle, engineering, foodfurniture, processes, plastic and rubber as well as diecasting and the energy sector.

We are present in Skövde, Gothenburg, Torslanda, Lidköping, Huskvarna, Uddevalla, Falkenberg, Helsingborg, Malmö and Åhus.

In the region, we offer a full range of services from engineers, electricians, mechanics and smiths.  We also perform all component service here (electronics, electric- and servomotors, as well as spindles) for customers throughout the Nordic area. In Torslanda and Skövde, you find two of our engineering offices with project managers and other engineering skills.

Martin Berntsson, Regional Manager Southwest

+46 (0)10  483 06 55

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Region East

In region East we have a broad knowledge of the steel, engineering, paper and pulp industry and the energy sector.

The region has operations in Finspång, Norrköping, Klintehamn and Kimstad.

East offers a full range of services with engineers, electricians, mechanics and smiths. Welding and forging are a special area in the region. We offer special welding in several different materials and we have multiple certifications. An area where we have long experience is piping systems, which are supplied to customers in and outside Sweden.

Martin Andersson, Regional Manager East

+46 (0)10-483 03 42

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Region Mid-North

In the Mid-North region, knowledge is offered in the steel, engineering, pulp and paper industries as well as the energy sector.

We are present in Örebro, Karlstad, Stockholm, Västerås, Skultuna, Forsmark, Borlänge, Sandviken, Avesta, Gävle, Holmsund and Kiruna.

The region, offers a full range of services from engineers, electricians and mechanics.

Specialist services for mechanical workshops are available in Skultuna and Avesta. In Skultuna there’s also the specialist service electrical cabinet building.

Patrik Roswall, Regional Manager Mid-North

+46 (0)10-483 03 17

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Patrik Roswall Regional Manager Mid & North Maintenance Avesta +46 10-483 03 17 Email

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