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Our offer

  • We renovate components such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic units.
  • Construction of systems suitable to your needs and according to self-developed drawings.
  • Manufacture of hydraulic tanks.
  • Development and improvement proposals for developing the hydraulics and the controlled electronics that are built into the hydraulic systems.
  • Troubleshooting and control of electronics with different signals and voltages.
  • Industrial assembly of hydraulic pipes.
  • Provides and sells new hydraulic components. Through our wide network of suppliers, we can solve a lot in a short time.
  • In our workshop, we also work with servicing swivels, units, cylinders and hydraulic valves, but also new assembly such as when developing machines.


We are certified in hydraulics for assembly technology and welding to deliver quality and high safety in the best way.

Preventive maintenance

We also perform condition tests on your facilities regarding hydraulics. We do this by replacing details according to a predetermined interval. The advantage of prevention is that it eliminates unforeseen problems. To achieve cost efficiency, it is important that the system is in good condition.


A completely renovated cylinder on its way to the customer

Testbänk hydraulikTest bench for hydraulics

With our test bench, we test and test print what we have renovated or repaired for different pressures and flows. We do this to guarantee high quality upon delivery to you and our other customers. It is also used to troubleshoot electronics with different signals and voltages.

ledningskomponenterInstallation of wiring components

We have great expertise in the installation of pipe components for pipes and hoses, such as installation of pipe streets and one-to-one replacements. We will help you to replace broken components (for example pipe fittings) with new ones or to carry out installation of completely new parts.

Through our wide network of suppliers, we can also provide and sell new management components in a short time.

Short lead times

We strive to have as short lead times as possible for our work. We do this because we know that it contributes to short downtimes for our customers in the industry throughout Sweden. 


With our broad experience, we are helpful in solving your specific problems. Contact us for advice, and we will come up with a solution that suits your needs.


With great competence, we assemble and renovate high-quality components. The condition of the components is often decisive for the quality of the end product. With great knowledge and accuracy, we guarantee a good result.

Service of components at our workshop or at your facility

You usually send the component to us, and we carry out the work in our own specially equipped workshop in Avesta. But if you need service at your facility, we will, of course, come to you. Components for repair should be delivered to: Jernbro, Källhagsgatan 18, 774 35 Avesta.


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Patrik Roswall, Regional Manager Maintenance Mid Avesta +46 10-483 03 17 Email

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