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At Jernbro, we have many years of experience with projects – from small to large complex and multidisciplinary ones. With our standardized way of working, our large resources and competent staff, we help you with projects with the steps you need – from feasibility study to realization. 

The backbone of our projects are of course our skilled project managers, workers, foremen and engineers who have solid experience in running and working in projects. They have their focus set on delivering projects with high quality on time and cost effectively.

Our knowledge also includes risk management, short deadlines, construction challenges and production planning with scheduled maintenance stops and minimized production disruptions, as well as harsh weather conditions. To our help, we have our standardized project process that specifies the right method for each project. The projects include, for example, feasibility studies, planning, manufacturing, assembly, project management, purchasing and coordination.

At Jernbro, we have the opportunity to allocate resources and expertise for large complex projects, from our 30 locations and through our large network of suppliers and external resources.

Our offer in brief:

  • Projects ranging in size from small to large multidisciplinary (EPC, Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • Complete and partial contracts
  • Detailed planning
  • Planning for facilities
  • Material deliveries
  • New construction, rebuilding and renovation of facilities in several technical areas
  • Dismantling, moving and installation of mechanical equipment
  • High voltage installations
  • Contract – execution, function, delivery and consultants

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Dan Carlgrip, Business Area Manager Project Norrköping +46 10-483 09 31 Email

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