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Accustomed to conversions during operation, the right competence and many years of experience in working with sewage treatment plants, are three of the reasons to why we participate in the upgrade and reconstruction of the Käppalaverket at Lidingö.

Käppalaverket is owned by Käppalaförbundet, which works with wastewater treatment in the Stockholm area. The ongoing work, in which Jernbro participates, will lead to a reduced emission of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic material into the Baltic Sea, that the stricter emission conditions are met and that the plant’s capacity increases so that a larger amount of water can be purified.

During the project’s first 6 months out of 24, Jernbro has manufactured four pipes with a length of 30 meters which have been transported, together with Tunghantering in Norrköping, and installed in 28 meter deep drill holes in the mountain. The pipes will be connected to the chambers.

− Since the plant is in full operation during the rebuilding, it requires responsiveness and well-planned work that is adapted to the conditions of the operation, as well as ongoing contact with the Käppala Association, to avoid that the operating process is disturbed. The fact that the plant is in operation during the course of the work, also means that the chambers are renovated one at a time, says Joakim Ekman, Group Manager Water & Wastewater at Jernbro in Norrköping.

Working on sewage treatment plants also entails special conditions since there are biological risks and gas lines, as well as the fact that the mechanical installations are to some extent carried out in rock tunnels and rock rooms.

Following Maskinkonsulterna EVT’s excellent machine drawings, Jernbro’s workshop in Åby has been able to pre-fabricate forging works, such as pipes, pipe supports, pipe fittings and other special pipe parts. Jernbro’s high welding quality has also been appreciated by the Käppala Association, where x-rays of all pipe welding are the basis for ensuring good quality.

− In the near future, pipe systems, pumps and digestion chamber stirrers will be installed, among other things. The work with the stirrers, which are to be lifted down by crane to a depth of 30 metres, will be spectacular because they are so very large. It doesn’t happen often in this industry, so it feels good that the Käppala Association understood during the procurement that this is something that Jernbro can carry out, says Joakim.

− The Käppala Association is a good customer, because they have a high level of competence and know what they want. They, in turn, are also happy with us and almost a little surprised that installing the pipes went so smoothly, despite unplanned things such as punctures and asphalt works along the driveway. The reason for that is that, together with the Käppala Association, the construction contractor Frijo and Tunghantering in Norrköping, we have made a thorough and appreciated work preparation, where we went through risks and alternative solutions, Joakim concludes.

Käppala, Jernbro

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