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Frame agreement

At Jernbro we are supplier-independent but sign overall frame agreements with suppliers for certain services. A majority of services are purchased locally with the support of a professional procurement process and local agreements with clearly regulated business conditions.

Focus on improvements

We continuously focus on improving and developing our deliveries. This is why we expect that our strategic suppliers actively participate in the process to improve the service to our customers in close cooperation with Jernbro.

In connection with the signing of a new supplier agreement, we do a thorough assessment based on the following criteria:

  • Technical ability
  • Economic capacity
  • Organisational ability
  • Total delivery capacity
  • Sustainability aspects



We continuously focus on improving and developing our deliveries. We therefore expect our strategic suppliers to actively participate in the process of improving service to our customers in close cooperation with Jernbro.

Code of conduct for suppliers

Jernbro’s business will maintain high ethical and moral standards. We place high demands on how our activities impact the environment, community and our customers’ business. We also strive to be a responsible and forward-moving employer. We place the same high demands on our suppliers and any subcontractors.

Read our Code of Conduct for suppliers


Here are the facts you as a supplier to Jernbro need about e-invoicing, invoice reference and the various invoicing alternatives we have.

We ask you to pay particular attention to our demands for invoice information and on the legal requirements for our invoices.

If you have questions about an order made by Jernbro, you should always contact the client first. Secondly, we advise you to contact Accounting.

Invoice reference

Purchasing order number: When invoicing, the purchasing order (order number) must always be stated. Collections of invoices are not allowed, one invoice per purchasing order.

The purchasing order number (order number) looks as follows: XXXXXX-XXX(X) always starts with 1, 2, 5, 6 or 7.

Invoices with the wrong address or without an invoice reference will be returned for correction.


Sending an e-invoice means that you as a supplier send your invoice electronically as an invoice file instead of a paper invoice.

E-invoice address (GLN)
Jernbro Industrial Services AB 556912-0149
E-invoice via InExchange, use GLN code 7365569120143
E-invoice via Peppol, use Peppol ID is: 0007:5569120149

Jernbro’s order number must be entered in the following fields at Svefaktura and Peppol Bis3:

  • Svefaktura: Requisitionistdocumentreference (if there are 2, the code must be specified in the first)
  • Peppol Bis3: BuyerReference

InExchange can help you get started and carry out the day-to-day work. You can choose to partner with them or any other VAN operator or system provider.

Phone: +46-500-44 63 60

Invoice via web portal

If you as a supplier do not have a business system and can’t start using e-invoices, you can register your invoices at InExchange Network. Start by creating a free account at Inexchange Network.

Invoice as PDF via mail

You can send more than one invoice in one mail (up to ten). But each invoice must be a separate PDF, otherwise they will be treated as one invoice.

E-mail pdf invoices to:

Invoicing address for paper invoices

Jernbro Industrial Services AB
Mölndalsvägen 42

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