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The story of Jernbro

Jernbro has its origin in our in-depth knowledge of industrial services. The word bridge symbolizes our knowledge transfer to you and our other customers, which also is reinforced by our logo

But there is also another dimension. The name can also be traced back to the end of the eighteenth century, when the world’s first iron bridge was built in a village in the southwest of England. The village was called Ironbridge and is today known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The bridge is still there today. So, the name Jernbro reflects our competence, closeness to our customers and the industries we work in.


Major resources

At Jernbro you get access to a wealth of resources. We have mechanics, electricians, engineers and many other co-workers who serve industry. All with extensive experience of technology, improvements and Swedish industry. Long relationships and a great commitment have led to broad and deep knowledge in industries such as engineering, steel, mining, food, petrochemicals, distribution and purification of water, plastic and rubber, wood, paper and pulp and energy. We are work environment certified and also hold other certificates.

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Get out more, for less

Thanks to the market’s widest offering, we can develop both maintenance and production facilities. The goal is to improve productivity while reducing total cost. In this way, you get a safer, more efficient and more accessible facility. Simply put, you get more, for less money.

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Close to you

A good operating industry is a very local issue. Therefore, we are where you and our other customers are. Closeness gives you several benefits. We can quickly provide the right resources at the right time. You have all competence locally. We also get to know each other. This enables us to understand your processes and challenges better and it makes the wheels spin faster.

Our goal is also local growth and development – together with us. In this way, we secure the competence for a more efficient and safer production in your immediate area. It also creates jobs.

Our history

Jernbro has its origin in a number of different companies. Our modern history starts in 2005 as part of Coor Service Management.

In 2024, Minecon Sweden AB in Gällivare is acquired. It serves our purpose to be actively involved in the green transformation of the industry in Norrbotten, as well as to have a strong local presence and capacity in Gällivare.

In 2023, the electrical installation company Tvåman El AB will be a strong addition to Jernbro’s Elkraftgrupp in Avesta. In the same year, the remaining 30% of Svenska GMK AB is transferred to Jernbro.

In 2022, GISAB (Gällivare Industriservice AB) becomes a part of Jernbro. The acquisition entails a mutual strengthening of local presence, capacity and range of services for industrial customers in Norrbotten. In the same year, GISAB acquires JF Mek AB, which strengthens our local presence and capacity in Kiruna. We are also expanding our operations in southern Sweden through the acquisition of Reppu Svets & Montage AB.

In 2021, Saltec and Saltec International as well as 70% of the shares in Svenska GMK AB are acquired. All based in Gothenburg. In the same year, the Automation unit was sold to EA Mobile Robotics.

In 2020, we acquire SMTE Teknik in Borlänge. The investment company Bluewater becomes the new main owner of Jernbro instead of Aksiom Partners.

2019 is an eventful year in Jernbro’s history. We acquire Veolia Industrial Maintenance with 300 employees and a turnover of SEK 400 million. In addition, Voksab (Värme- och Kraftservice AB) is acquired in Malmö as well as Skövde Industrireparationer AB.

In 2018, Aksiom Partners becomes the new owner of Jernbro (instead of Cinven). Rimard Industriservice in Avesta is acquired.

In 2017, an outsourcing contracts for production maintenance are signed with Lantmännen Lantbruk, which operates in about 30 locations.

In 2016, Coor Industrial Services changes its name to Jernbro Industrial Services. In the same year, Veolia Industrial Maintenance (which will be acquired by us in 2019) takes over Ferroweld i Östergötland AB, which works with project and service services for industries, properties and energy and water treatment plants.


In 2015, Coor Industrial Services will be separated from the rest of Coor and will continue to operate as an independent umbrella company within Cinven.

2005 to 2014

In 2005, the investment in industrial service within Coor began through the acquisition of AB Volvo’s service company Celero.

During the initial years, the business grew mainly through acquisitions. These include SAPA Industriservice (2008) in Finspång and Skultuna and EuroMaint Industry (2011) in Skövde and Huskvarna. These units are still strongholds within Jernbro.

During the latter part, the business grew more through takeovers and shaped the backbone of today’s Jernbro with a large number of committed and competent employees located in several locations in Sweden.

The venture capital company Cinven Ltd acquired the company from 3i 2007.

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