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What makes us unique is that we, in addition to calibration, also offer maintenance and repair of measuring instruments. This is to increase the life of the instruments and to reduce administration and costs for you as a customer.

In our measuring device system, we store all information about your measuring instruments. In this way, we can easily remind you when it’s time to calibrate a certain instrument. If you need a new purchase, we will help you with that as well.

Our calibration laboratories are located in Avesta and Finspång, which serve you and our other customers throughout Sweden.

One of our largest customers is Outokumpu Stainless AB.

Accredited calibration

The reason why companies turn to us is that they have requirement  saying that their instruments must be accredited calibrated in order to be used in their production.

We have two temperature laboratories. The one in Avesta is accredited for calibration of thermocouples type S and K and the other in Finspång for field calibration of temperature-indicating instruments.

Swedac, Sveriges ackrediteringsorgan för
mätinstrument, finns information om våra
ackrediteringsområden och kravdokument.

Calibration of length

We perform traceable calibration of most length-measuring gauges.

– Micrometers
– Two-point micrometers
– Three-point micrometers
– Calipers
– Depth range
– Measuring clocks
– Control measures

In addition to these seven, we also perform traceable calibration of measuring tapes, height measurements, welding measurements, steel scales, tilt indicators, protractors and more.

Calibration of temperaturer

Our temperature laboratories perform accredited and traceable calibration and field calibration according to ISO 17025 and ISO 9000 of most temperature instruments and sensors. Examples are thermocouples, temperature instruments, radiation pyrometers.

We also offer installation and calibration of laboratory furnaces as well as evenness measurement in heat treatment furnaces, gas turbines and in the aviation industry as well as temperature control of cold rooms.

We also manufacture high-temperature sensors (type S) for heating plants (bio and waste boilers), smelters and for industry, as well as temperature sensors for temporary measurements according to the requirements specification.

kalibrering temperatur

Mekaniker skruvar på maskin

Calibration of scales

  • Calibration of scales in the process industry, eg aluminum ingots
  • Calibration of scales in loaders
  • Rig for calibration of hanging scales, up to 12.5 tons
  • Calibration according to ISO 9002

Calibration of pressure

In pressure calibration, we calibrate manometers and pressure sensors up to 700 bar. As an example, it can be mentioned that we have calibrated pressure in paper mills and heating plants and performed logging of pressure when troubleshooting casting machines.

Calibration of thickness

The two types of thickness gauges that we calibrate, in rolling mills and cutting plants, among others, are vollmer (touching measurement) and X-ray (non-touching measurement).

Calibration of flows

We calibrate flow sensors on site at our customers in the process industry.


Welding Validation

We meet the requirements of EN 50504 and perform welding validation of the most common brands and models. For the Kempi brand, we have fully automated equipment for advanced welding validation.

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