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We know pumps and gearboxes

Contact us for both emergency and planned service of pumps and gearboxes. We have experience and knowledge of most brands. If you are in need of new components, we also provide it. Our collaboration with several suppliers enables fast service.

We perform all general industrial pump service that may be needed for pumps that are in different process parts in production, such as high-pressure pumps and pumps for coil flushing in rolling mills.

When it comes to gearboxes, we are helpful with the renovation of drive equipment, powertrains and drivelines.

Short lead times

We strive to have as short lead times as possible for our work. We do this because we know that it contributes to short downtimes for our customers in the industry throughout Sweden.


Since gearboxes and high-pressure pumps have many sensitive details, expert knowledge in fine mechanics is required and this is exactly what’s available in our workshop. With our broad experience, we are helpful in solving your specific problems.

Quality and experience

With our high competence, we renovate your pumps and gearboxes with high quality. The condition of the components is often decisive for the quality of the end product. With great knowledge and accuracy, we guarantee a good result.


You usually send the parts to us, and we carry out the work in our own specially equipped workshop. But if you need service at your facility, we will, of course, come to you. Parts for repair should be delivered to: Jernbro, Källhagsgatan 18, 774 35 Avesta.

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Michael Gunnarsson, Group Manager Pipes & Plumbing Avesta +46 10-483 13 55 Email

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