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Pelly Group was looking for suppliers who could help them with maintenance and moving machines from Hillerstorp to Nässjö. With Jernbro as the sole partner, they were complete. 

– Regarding the maintenance, I saw it as a long-term project and therefore looked for a company that could do a status analysis and ensure strategic and preventive maintenance. Since Jernbro also could carry out the move, I was able to bring on Jernbro as the sole partner. I also had some experience of Jernbro before and thereby gained good confidence in them. Therefore, it felt right to have Jernbro on this journey, says Mattias Runbjörk, Technical Manager at Pelly Group.


Jernbro has helped Pelly Group with a large and technically complicated automation, called the wooden carousel, which manufactures corner carousels for Ikea’s corner cabinets. The wooden carousel consists of 9 interconnected and cooperating machine units. Jernbro has also worked with a manual part where sliding door sections are manufactured.

– This spring, our work began with a condition check, which means that we analyze and check the status of the machine park. It can be compared to an inspection, where we find out how the machines are doing and what we need to do to increase the availability of the machine park, says Anders Gustafsson, salesman at Jernbro.

Mattias clarifies:
– The reason we wanted to do a check was that I had identified an existing maintenance need on the wooden carousel. I wanted the analysis to show what measures were important to implement before the move so that the machines would produce as well as possible until they were switched off. I also wanted to ensure the robustness of the facility so that it would be able to cope with the move itself. With Jernbro’s expertise in the maintenance segment, we identified many points. Jernbro has also come up with improvements that will simplify future preventive maintenance.

Throughout the spring, Jernbro has worked with the improvement measures that were decided to be suitable before the move and that could be combined with the production plan. That work also gave Jernbro the opportunity to get to know the complicated wooden carousel before it was shut down and moved. This knowledge ensured that commissioning, in the new factory part in Nässjö, was ensured.

Pelly Group

Prior to the move, the parties came to the conclusion that the machines should not be dismantled in too small packages in order to minimize the work of reassembly. In connection with the dismantling, they took the opportunity to make some renovations and replace certain parts, such as an old hydraulic unit, rail guides and cabling. The physical relocation was carried out in August.

– Now that everything has been moved and production is in full swing, we will work more strategically with preventive maintenance and continue working with what the condition check came up with, but which we then judged was more advantageous to implement after the move, says Mattias.

– It feels good that we have been able to take a holistic approach to analysis, planning, resource support, execution, commissioning and are now involved as support for some time to come, Anders emphasizes.

– Now in retrospect, it has turned out that the people I, like Anders Gustafsson and Göran Sand at Jernbro, considered to lead this work on their part were a successful choice, Mattias concludes.

pelly group

Pelly Group was looking for suppliers who could help them with maintenance and moving machines from Hillerstorp to Nässjö. With Jernbro as the sole partner, they were complete.
Mattias Runbjörk, Technical Manager at Pelly Group

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