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Does the industrial premises’ ventilation work as it should?

– Malfunction can lead to not getting any ventilation, heating or cooling at all and a high energy cost as well. Our goal is to give you, as our customer, a lower energy bill. But it’s also to ensure that the ventilation works in the right way so your needs are met, explains David Andersson and Daniel Brissman, energy engineers at Jernbro.

Step 1: It’s therefore important to start in the right end, which is to determine what the ventilation is to be used for. Should it only be used to ventilate the room or also to heat or cool or both?

Step 2: Once we know the purpose of the ventilation, we need to find out if the ventilation is effective enough, if it works properly and if it’s the right type of ventilation for the purpose. There are many parameters to examine, such as whether there’s the right amount of air for the premises’ area of use, whether the air is supplied in the right way and if it’s the right temperature.

Step 3: Now the work begins with finding out how energy use can be made more efficient and which recycling suits your business’ area of use. This work includes examining whether we can modify parts of the existing system or whether we need to design a new facility.

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