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Jernbros zero vision

On a daily basis, we all work to prevent risks and make our work environment safer to achieve our vision of zero accidents:
No one who works on behalf of Jernbro should be injured

Everyone at Jernbro also has a common approach to safety issues that helps us achieve the vision:
Your safety is your and my responsibility

Internally, we work continuously according to four steps to ensure a high risk and safety awareness to achieve the vision:


Always make a risk inventory before you start an assignment. Some tasks involve greater risks, such as work at high altitudes, work with hazardous waste, chemicals, fire and heat, and driving. Make sure you know what it takes to perform the tasks safely and securely.


Always wear the protective clothing and equipment required.


Always report risk observations, incidents and accidents. In this way, we can learn from each other and implement measures in areas where it’s required.


Remind each other of the importance of focusing on safety in daily work. Also show care for our customers and visitors by informing about risks and safety routines.


Our wellness efforts are adapted to the conditions of each workplace. We work systematically with follow-up of all sick leave and provide support to employees when needed in connection with preventive health work and sick leave. Employees at Jernbro must feel good during and after each working day.

To achieve the zero vision, we focus on four areas:

hälsa säkerhet


In everything we do, we work to prevent risks and develop a safe working environment. Health, environment and safety, for example, are a standing item on the agenda at all meetings, both in management, operationally and in projects. To increase the risk awareness of all employees, we also have our common approach: your safety is your and my responsibility.


At all workplaces within Jernbro, there are local safety representatives. Safety patrols are also carried out in accordance with the requirements that exist. Our Head of Health and Safety works in a structured manner to ensure the exchange of experience.


All incidents, whether injured or not, are reported and analyzed. In this way, we can learn from our mistakes and take safety precautions where necessary. Key figures (KPIs) are also monitored on an ongoing basis. These are the number of risk observations, the number of incidents, the number of accidents and LTA (Lost Time Accident).


We have pronounced routines and instructions for both our own staff and subcontractors. These adapt to each customer and service, depending on the level of risk. There are special guidelines for particularly dangerous work, such as construction work, decontamination, waste management or handling of chemicals. All chemicals used are registered.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Finspång

In Finspång, we manage the operation of a LPG plant to be able to deliver LPG to our customers in the area. LPG is classified as a dangerous substance. We therefore want to inform you via this brochure (only in Swedish) about how you find out if an accident has occurred in Finspång and what measures you should take in such cases. Contact information is included in the brochure. You can read more at Finspång municipality’s website.

Railway network in Finspång

In Finspång municipality, Jernbro manages the railway network on the properties Östermalm 2: 3, Östermalm 2: 5, Östermalm 1: 7, Metallen 4, Metallen 6 and Norrmalm 1: 8. In this Railway network description (only in Swedish), conditions for access and traffic and capacity allocation can be read, among other things.

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