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Jernbro must always be run in a long-term and sustainable way. Therefore, we are very keen that misconduct and irregularities that can seriously damage the business or our employees are noticed and investigated at the earliest possible stage.

Based on the Whistleblower Act (Act 2021: 890 on the protection of persons who report malpractice), Jernbro has set up a whistleblower function, to quickly detect misconduct that can seriously damage our business or our employees. If an employee has become aware of, or suspects that someone active in Jernbro’s organization does not act in accordance with current legislation, this must always be noted. In the first instance, irregularities must be reported to the manager.

For us, it is very important that information about misconduct comes to light. As a complement to our pursuit of an open business climate, we have therefore chosen to implement an external whistleblower service. The purpose of the service is to provide an anonymised channel where events or circumstances can be reported without the informant feeling afraid of retaliation. Our hope is that malpractices can be quickly noticed and remedied before the underlying causes grow.

Jernbro has signed an agreement with 2secure, which is a major player in security for both organization and employees, whose external solution we have chosen to use to achieve complete anonymity based on the legal requirement.

You can report in 2 ways

Option 1: Report to a manager at Jernbro, its organization or group management. When you report via Jernbro’s internal reporting channels, you have the right to protection under the Act on the Protection of Persons Who Report Abuse (2021: 890).

Option 2: Report anonymously through the whistleblowing reporting tool, as instructed below.

How to report through the whistleblowing tool (option 2)
Reporting is done in writing via the website or orally by phone on 077-177 99 77. You can choose to be anonymous on both of these reporting channels. If you wish to report via a physical meeting, this can be requested by registering a report at The physical meeting is held either with a representative from Jernbro or with Jernbro’s supplier for whistleblower services 2Secure by agreement.

When registering a new report at, you must state Jernbro’s unique company code JIS350 to identify that it is for Jernbro that the registration applies. At the website, you are asked to answer a number of questions about what the report is about. You can be anonymous and you are assigned a unique case number and a password that must be saved in order to actively log in to the website and follow the registration and communicate with the administrator at 2Secure.

Once a report has been registered, it is processed by experienced administrators at 2Secure, who contact Jernbro’s primary contact person based on a predetermined contact list. If the primary contact person is the subject of the notification, another person on the contact list will be informed. It is always Jernbro that finally assesses the notification and decides what measures to take.

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