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Jernbro has upgraded a traverse in an old mill environment that can now lift 60 tons instead of 10 tons.

– Outokumpu chose to hire us since we’re certified according to 1090 and have expertise in load-bearing structures and traceable documentation, says Fredrik Nielsen at Jernbro in Avesta.


Jernbro in Finspång manufactured the beams, where a complete welding workshop with inspection and testing is located. Extensive documentation has been made where all material can be traced to original production to be able to easily troubleshoot, as well as all material checks, welds, cleanings, inspections, markings, etc. Not many suppliers in the region around Avesta can do that. Final assembly took place on site at Outokumpu in Fagersta. The work has been approved and has had its final inspection by Jernbro, Outokumpu and third parties.


Outokumpu is a world leader in stainless steel. Their business is based on their ability to shape stainless steel in any shape and for almost any purpose. Outokumpu employs 10,000 people in more than 30 countries. In Fagersta, the rolling mill rolls stainless steel wire, which is used as welding wire for reinforcement, among other things.

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