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På Ryaverket kraftvärmeverk omvandlar Borås Energi och Miljö brännbart avfall till fjärrvärme, fjärrkyla och el. Sedan några år stöttar Jernbro deras underhållsavdelning, men gör även projektinsatser. Allt enligt överenskomna ramavtal.

Borås Energi och Miljö− Jernbro helps us with preventive and improving maintenance. It can be about welding, forging, mechanics and assembly. The Ryaverket is our old facility, so that is where our main need for maintenance is. But Jernbro also occasionally assists us at Sobacken, where our Energy and Environment Center with waste plant, sewage treatment plant and cogeneration plant is located, says Marcus Lidholm, Project Manager at Borås Energy and Environment.

− We also carry out projects regarding pipe laying, pipe cutting, valve replacement and welding of district heating lines for Borås Energy and Environment. The latter is carried out by our licensed welders because it is required for pressure vessels, says Christer Olsson, Department Manager for Maintenance Gothenburg and Borås at Jernbro.

− During our annual audit week, I hired Jernbro for a large pipe project in connection with a rebuild at Ryaverket. The assignment was carried out to make the operation more energy efficient, to get a better flow in the district heating network and to improve water refilling. I did the planning itself with a consultant and took in valuable input from Jernbro to get it grounded in reality-based, says Marcus.

The challenge with the project was the time pressure, as the assembly itself had to be carried out during the total shutdown of operations, which takes place 1 week per year. In order to simply have time to complete the assembly during that week, Jernbro pre-fabricated a lot of pipe fittings in their workshop. It meant cutting and welding pipe parts together in large dimensions, but also joint preparation and welding of valves.

− I appreciate Jernbro’s contribution to the project and it has been fun. The cooperation and contact also worked well. I am particularly pleased that we were able to solve the pipe project in the short time we had at our disposal. It became a bit extreme for us with shift work around the clock to finish the assembly during the audit week. The work contributed to the desired energy efficiency, so both I and the process engineer are very satisfied, says Marcus.

Christer Olsson_Jernbro− We have also contributed with our expertise in construction and calculation, as well as staffed maintenance stops in spring, summer and autumn at Borås Energy and Environment. From our side, we are happy to be able to contribute in different ways and at several of the facilities that Borås Energy and Environment manages. We see it as a successful collaboration, concludes Christer.

Borås Energi och Miljö

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