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At the annual maintenance stop in Svappavara, LKAB wanted Jernbro to undertake more assignments, in addition to the maintenance work. This involved the manufacture and installation of spill pockets, as well as pillar reinforcement to maintain the plant’s safety. With the right skills and focused cooperation between different Jernbro facilities, the completion of the projects was ensured before the maintenance stop ended.

LKAB Jernbro

Jonny Henriksson

− During the stop, we were asked if we could take on some pillar reinforcements, so-called inboxing. Since we have people with both the right welding training and certificates regarding load-bearing structures, we were able to do so, says Jonny Henriksson, Group Manager at Jernbro in Kiruna.

Based on the construction drawing and strength calculations, beams were cut at Jernbro’s workshop in Kiruna and then welded in place. The beams support a large machine house and must thus be able to handle an enormous weight. The reinforcement meant that LKAB’s work could continue in a safe manner, as soon as the stop was completed.

Jernbro in Kiruna also received a request for spill pockets from LKAB. Since they were already fully booked, they forwarded the question to Jernbro in Avesta. They took the offer and were commissioned to manufacture four spill pockets, including assembly.

LKAB Jernbro

Crane work is underway

The work began with the old spill pockets being cut into manageable pieces and lifted away with a crane from the work area itself, which was also quite cramped. After cleaning, mounting plates were placed as a frame around the area, where the new parts were lifted in afterwards.

− As for the maintenance that we performed during the stop, it was a replacement of the plant filter, repair of a ventilation duct and replacement of a gutter. An appreciated skill we used was Ceramite putty of joints and cracks, which enabled production to continue after the stop, says Jonny.

− This is the largest work effort we have had during a stop in Svappavara due to the extra jobs. Our work with the actual handling of the pillar reinforcement and that the work was carried out in accordance with the reinforcement requirements was appreciated. The manufacture and assembly of the spill pockets and that the extra work was done under time pressure, was also appreciated, says Jonny.

− The fact that employees from different locations do the work together is one of Jernbro’s strengths. Therefor, when customers need expertise from different facilities, we can offer a sharp work group. In addition to Avesta, Gothenburg has, for example, been here in Kiruna and installed large traverse beams, Jonny continues.

In addition to the large annual maintenance stop, Jernbro in Kiruna helps LKAB with rust projects that can involve replacing rusty floors or load-bearing pillars, as well as with filter and pipe changes at shorter stops. This helps the workplace maintain its safety.

LKAB Jernbro

Outside a spill pocket

− As we have the certificates required to work with load-bearing steel (EN-1090), our expertise in steel and welding is highly valued and 90% of all our jobs here in Kiruna are actually welding. This is also the basis for our long-term collaboration with LKAB and that we were one of the first companies to receive a framework agreement with them. In fact, we were recently approved again for a new framework agreement. It’s really great and a big thing for us, because it is a requirement to get a job at LKAB in Kiruna and Svappavara, Jonny concludes.

LKAB Jernbro

The spill pockets are transported

The work was carried out in October 2021.

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