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Last spring, SSAB bought some lines for roll forming that stood in Fagersta. But they needed to be moved around sixty kilometres north – to Borlänge – and Jernbro got the job of moving the unusually large load against a very tight deadline.

“The deadline was stipulated in the contract from the beginning so we were very aware of the time available. But on the other hand, we didn’t know exactly where the three production lines were going to be moved to,” says Per Enockson, project manager at SSAB.

Soon enough, an opportunity to place the lines in Borlänge turned up, and the job of moving them could be outsourced.

“We contacted a number of companies and presented the situation – with our deadline as an important parameter. Together with the price of course.”

It was clear that Jernbro could meet our needs best of all the companies we contacted, something welcomed by Per Enockson.

“Within SSAB, we have extensive experience of good cooperation with Jernbro. This doesn’t mean that they were favoured in any way, but we felt confident they would do a good job,” he says.



No sooner said than done. Straight after vacation, Jernbro’s co-workers started to dismantle the lines in Fagersta. At the same time, Jernbro made sure the machines were cleaned with dry ice blasting during the night.

“Yes, it was pretty tight there for a while. And space was also tight on the premises,” says Michael Daagh, project leader at Jernbro.

Originally the plan was to move one line at a time, but the new premises in Borlänge hadn’t been fully prepared for the machines when the lease in Fagersta was due to expire.

“For example, we hadn’t had time to get the foundation in place, so we had to work in parallel. While we were making preparations, Jernbro was starting assembly,” says Per Enockson.

Some of the equipment had to be temporarily stored somewhere else, but at the end of February this year, they could start using the first line. And in March, all three were assembled.


Jernbro had total responsibility for the move including dismantling, re-assembly, hydraulics, gas, electricity and emulsion systems.

“The tight deadline was probably the toughest challenge, but it was also tough to make sure everything worked out well. Strong project management was needed to get everything done,” says Michael Daagh.

At most, Jernbro had around 20 co-workers on site in the hall in Borlänge at the same time, in the areas of mechanics, plumbing and electricity.

“For us it has clearly been an advantage to have one single contact person responsible for all areas of expertise. When everything is under one roof, it is easier for us as a customer,” says Per Enockson.


In connection with the German Bauma Fair in spring, thanks to the new production lines, SSAB could introduce their new production area, Tubes & Profiles. They manufacture everything from structural tubing to wear-resistant steel tubes for the concrete industry, for example – as a rule six-metre lengths with dimensions between 14 and 133 mm.

“Our Hardox steel has long been known for its high durability and strength and is often used for machines subject to heavy wear such as excavators, construction equipment, crushers and trucks. Now there’s a whole new area of use,” says Fredrik Mikaelsson, Managing Director of SSAB Tubes.

One such area is the American drag racing industry. There are precise rules and regulations governing the types of tubes that can be used in the car’s safety cage. And SSAB’s tubes have passed the ultimate test.

Overall the future looks promising, with a good chance of competing against other tube manufacturing for different types of applications, thanks to the combination of our material and roll forming,” says Fredrik Mikaelsson.

About the assignment

SSAB needed help to dismantle five roll forming lines in Fagersta and move three of these to Borlänge. Jernbro was assigned to manage the move and linked in a number of professionals who worked against a tight deadline as the lease had expired in Fagersta.

"For us it has clearly been an advantage to have one single contact person responsible for all areas of expertise. When everything is under one roof, it is easier for us as a customer.”
Per Enockson, project manager at SSAB

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