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Since NorRens AS end customers want equipment based on the latest technology, they choose our sludge thickeners. This has contributed to that their order, once again goes to us.

NorRens in Norway has recently once again purchased sludge thickeners from Jernbro for installation at one of its end customers. With external unique technology from Jernbro, NorRens thus complements its projects in water, sewage and sludge treatment.

Jernbros collaboration with NorRens stretches back 15 years, so there has been a lot of sludge thickening equipment over the years. NorRens thinks that the collaboration is smooth and they appreciate that we are solution-oriented and put their needs first and that we choose the right machine for each project.

The most recently delivered thickening machines (BT) have been installed in connection with the rebuilding of a treatment plant, which was started up at the end of 2021. The task of these BT machines is to thicken biological chemical sludge (which can be made up to 5%) and then on to the decanter centrifuge, where it’s dewatered by >25% dry matter content (TS).

The reason why this end customer wanted our sludge thickening machines is because they are based on both the latest technology and the generation in sludge thickening. The BT-machines also offer low energy consumption and high quality of outgoing reject water (<100 mg/ss/liter). The polymer consumption with the new technology and the mixture, is usually below <3kg/ton TS, which is a big difference from existing machines.

The end customer is satisfied with their choice of machine, as well as the installation and the better sludge quality. These machines are built to handle 10-12 m3/h, but in Jernbro’s range there are equipment that can handle up to 250 m3/h. The equipment can work around the clock, but it is usually 8 hours.

When the team at Jernbro Water Technologies is to investigate which machine is best suited for the customer’s purposes, they analyze the sludge. Then they perform polymer tests with the help of samples from the current plant and various precipitation chemicals. The test is performed to see the current TS%, quality of reject water and which polymer consumption can be guaranteed on the machine’s outgoing process.

The customer usually carries out the machine installations themselves according to the enclosed process description. But if desired, Jernbro also assists with that.

Reasons why many hire Jernbro is due to long experience and broad expertise in sludge and polymer, as well as a strong focus on solving customers’ problems. Examples of problems that customers often have are that the chemical process solution is incorrect, the wrong polymer is used or the mixture of the polymer into the equipment is incorrect.

The equipment is based on the latest technology and can thicken sludge from 0.01% (ie 100 mg/s on incoming >12% on outgoing), this means that the equipment not only makes great use of treatment plants, but also of fish and paper industries around the world. At present, deliveries goes to both Europe and Asia.

NorRens Jernbro förtjockningsutrustning



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