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For you in the industry with a need to invest in products and services, Jernbro can offer functional leasing with monthly payment. The unique leasing agreement makes it easier and faster to make the investments the business needs.

Jernbro’s functional leasing combines equipment leasing with the necessary circular service and allows you to have total cost control, where everything is included. A good alternative when safety and quality are important. Whether for financing a single project or a total solution, functional leasing is just as natural as paying your investment with cash.

A lease agreement with Jernbro makes it possible to quickly get access to the new equipment as the investment is paid for while the equipment and service is being used. Everything, such as project cost, products, installation, service and payment plan, can be included in the agreement.

Examples of what can be included: 

  • Analysis
  • Audit
  • Moving of equipment
  • Supplies
  • Pilot study
  • Insurance
  • Engineering expertise
  • Installation
  • Software
  • Project management
  • Spare parts
  • Service agreements and ongoing follow-up
  • Support
  • Upgrading
  • Training
  • Equipment

Benefits for you as a customer

  • Fixed monthly payments provide a direct annual cost control
  • The first monthly invoice comes when the delivery is done or when the installation is completed, depending on the contract
  • If budget is not allocated, leasing can usually enable purchasing decisions to be made without delay
  • Any down payment is handled within the financing, ie no payment needs to be made before the delivery is finalized
  • There is no amount limit, either up or down
  • The agreements usually have a maturity of between 2 and 6 years
  • You keep your cash and check credit intact and makes therefor other investments possible
  • Guarantees and other general terms and conditions are not affected by the use of leasing
  • At the end of the lease period, you may choose to purchase the equipment for a predetermined residual value, extend the contract and pay the residual value or sell the equipment to a third party

Example of a functional lease agreement

A customer has three plants whose equipment is both worn out and in need of remodeling within 10 years. The cost of rebuilding is SEK 3.5 million per plant, of which 1.5 million is material and 2 million is labor cost.

The customer wants to compress the upgrades in order to upgrade in the near future, but it’s limited by the budget of 3.5 million per facility. At the same time, the customer wants assistance with the management of preventive and remedial maintenance worth a total of 1.25 million per plant and year.

Jernbro packages both needs as a functional lease where the customer pays a fixed monthly cost during 36 months. After this period, the customer pays the residual value, which in this example is 10%, and becomes the owner of the equipment.

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