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Most industries have great potential for increased profitability and reduced environmental impact. But since the core business requires all the focus and capital, it’s not utilized. Often, technical supply systems and support functions are not efficient enough and the surplus energy is not used either. At the same time, legislation and the outside world’s views and requirements regarding environmental impact and sustainability in production are being tightened.

We can help you implement energy efficient solutions that takes advantage of
untappedpotential as well as contributes to a more sustainable production.

Guaranteed results

Our offer includes everything from a feasibility study with a cost-calculated and prioritized action plan to the implementation of measures with guarantees for the result. We can also offer financing if needed. Energy Management means a long-term collaboration where we take responsibility for operation, maintenance and ongoing optimization.

The industry can’t afford to wait

Using our expertise to implement development and streamlining of functions around the core business is a good idea. Our measures in an industry can result in increased productivity in operation and maintenance, greatly reduced energy use and environmental impact.

Energy Management, Processindustri

Examples show that purchases of primary energy are expected to decrease by 70% and CO2 emissions by 97%.
So, we realize values by optimizing your peripheral functions and supply systems.
These are significant contributions to competitiveness that otherwise will risk being hidden or prioritized away.

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Mikael Jansson, Regional Manager Maintenance North, Vice President and Senior Advisor Stockholm +46 10-483 11 80 Email

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