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Today many industries face challenges in obtaining spare parts for their older machines. Guaranteed repair is an option to ensure operation, instead of rebuilding or buying new machines.

This spring, Stora Enso Paper AB, Nymölla Mill, has chosen to extend its agreement with Component Servicing at Jernbro Industrial Services AB for another 2 years regarding Guaranteed Repair for servo drives and servomotors.

– We have been pleased with the service we have received so far and the extension is a good alternative to invest in new machines in the near future, says Jan Petersson at Stora Enso Paper AB, Nymölla Mill.

Earlier this year, Metsä Tissue and Borås Tryckeri also guaranteed the repair of electronics, electric motors and electric motor controllers a certain number of years ahead by having signed Guaranteed Repair with Jernbro. Similarly, a vehicle manufacturer, some years ago, ensured the operational safety of its machinery’s steering and drive systems until 2030.

Mats Ahrling at Component Servicing at Jernbro explains the concept:
– Guaranteed repair is an agreement that suits companies that have products that are difficult to get repaired and for which there may not always be spare parts. Perhaps a company only will let its older machine run for a few more years. But still want to make sure it stays operational until it’s time to invest in a new one.

– Another important aspect is to test the electronics or electric motor parts in a good way. Of course, we want to assure the quality of our repair before the parts are sent to the customer. What we do, is that we build a test bench for each electronics and electric motor part.

Through the agreement, Jernbro guarantees that they have access to a large number of critical products at home, the repairs themselves and the testing opportunities, but also takes responsibility for ensuring competence for current products. Everything to make the customer feel safe.Stora Enso, testbänk, servo, drivdon, servomotor

The test bench for Stora Enso’s components

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