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Energy engineer David Andersson at Jernbro, pointed out that HKScan should have a separate high-temperature heating system to reduce the use of district heating and to eliminate the risk of overheated hot water for the staff.

It is at HKScan’s facility in Linköping that a new process heating system is built. It only heats process heating water and is in operation all year round. The ordinary heating system is separated into its own circuit and is now only used to heat the property.

− Now that we have separated the systems, we have two heating systems with different tasks, a low-temperature system for building heating and a high-temperature system for process heating. The high-temperature system is independent of the outdoor temperature and requires a high supply temperature in order to meet the hygiene requirements. Now it is possible to get really hot water both where it is needed and when it is needed, such as for cleaning that requires different temperatures of the water, explains Oskar Kollserud, engineer at HKScan.

− The existing heating system’s supply temperature is now controlled via the outside temperature, which leads to reduced district heating consumption, a better control of the heating effect and lower return temperatures. HKScan now also receives reduced heat losses via heat release and leakage in control valves for heating and ventilation, because the heating system is now not set to the same high temperature all year round, says David Andersson, Energy Engineer at Jernbro.

In this project, Jernbro designed the process for the hot water system and carried out the initial energy investigation, as well as planning, which included, for example, dimensioning of exchangers, pumps, valves, pipes, energy meters and functional description.

− Now we have full control over our process hot water because there is an energy meter at each consumer. It is interesting to follow up with the measurement reports that are automatically generated from the new system and that will be the basis for more future decisions, explains Oskar.

− Since we now use the district heating energy in a more efficient way, we have reduced our costs. We have also made savings regarding electricity costs, through reduced pump operations and lower cooling load as a result of reduced heat release and heat leakage. Flow and effect fees have also become lower. In addition, the function is improved and we contribute to a reduced environmental impact, Oskar concludes.

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