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Great savings potential in the short and long term 

Our services within energy inquiry complement our experience of creating operational reliability in production systems. By reviewing your energy needs, we can suggest the right function with optimal energy use.

Within energy services, we can help you with

– Functional improvements
– Energy efficiency
– Dimensioning and construction
– Energy and media monitoring and follow-up

We streamline function
and energy use for

– Real estate technical cooling, heating and ventilation systems
– Industrial cooling, heating and ventilation systems
– Recycling systems of energy, water, cooling, air, etc
– Heat pumps
– Compressed air
– El
– Steam
– Boiler plants

The right function with optimal energy use

An energy inquiry, starts with determining what the system will be used for. When we know the purpose, we investigate whether the existing system works properly, if it is efficient enough and if it is right for the purpose. There are many parameters to examine, such as dimensioning, construction, control and regulation functions and recycling.

When the review is complete, we will begin and find out how energy use can be made more efficient and which recycling opportunities suit your specific area of use. This work includes examining whether we can modify parts of the existing system or whether we need to design a new facility.

Energy recovery

Today, many industries have processes and systems that require a lot of energy that results in waste heat. Reusing this in an optimally functioning energy recovery can reduce both your energy costs and the impact on the environment. In industry, for example, you can recover heat energy from below and use it to heat premises and water, etc.

– Flue gases from oven and process ventilation
– Cooling water from machines and ovens
– Water cooling and air cooling of compressors

Investing in an energy inquiry also offers positive environmental effects and contributes to increased sustainability.

Energy Management

Within Energy Management, we can offer a long-term collaboration. This package solution includes everything from a feasibility study, action plan, implementation as well as responsibility for operation, maintenance and ongoing optimization.

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