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The maintenance days 2021 (Underhållsdagarna) begin with a lecture with Jernbro’s CEO, Mikael Jansson. The title of the lecture is The importance of maintenance for future production and is about:

Swedish industry operates under tough conditions in a global market and is constantly facing new challenges. High productivity is a must to remain competitive and remain attractive to investors. Here, maintenance has an important task to fulfill in terms of improvements in operational reliability and cost optimization. The only question is whether today’s maintenance strategies are adapted to contribute to this and whether the opportunities that follow from the accelerating technological development can be taken advantage of? Here, these issues are highlighted and examples are also given of how one should act to adapt maintenance to future requirements.

This year, The maintenance days will be
digital and takes place on Tuesday 16 March.

The maintenance days are arranged by the National Organization
Swedish maintenance and the magazine U&D.

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Mikael Jansson

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