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In order for industrial customers in the north to have access to more capacity, resources and experience, as well as more skills in industrial maintenance and projects, Jernbro Industrial Services acquired Gisab in early 2022. During the year, Gisab has been a subsidiary of Jernbro, but on the first of January 2023 the business was moved into the parent company Jernbro.

− As part of Jernbro, we become a strong partner in the industrial expansion and green transformation in northern Sweden. Together, we can offer stability, endurance and power to fulfill the requirements and expectations that are linked to both green conversion and sustainability, such as environmental concerns, social aspects, health and safety, says Boris Lindberg, CEO at Gisab.

− We have created a strong platform in a region that will now and for a long time to come undergo one of the biggest changes in the history of Swedish industry with the aim of creating a sustainable production of iron ore and steel. The challenges are great for industry and society and with our collective industrial experience we can become a part of the solution, explains Mikael Jansson, CEO at Jernbro.  

In addition to operations in Gällivare, Kiruna, Luleå and Skellefteå, Jernbro is also found in around 30 locations in the rest of Sweden. This means that customers in Norr- and Västerbotten, if necessary, can get access to more resources, more capacity and the well-established partner network. They can also take advantage of the greater range of maintenance services, the wider delivery capability in industrial projects, new business models, as well as high workshop capacity and several specialist competencies. All in the same way as Jernbro’s other customers.

Jernbro förvärvar GISAB

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