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Jernbro’s department for Component Servicing in Skövde has received a high rating in the annual customer survey. Automotive Components Floby is one of the companies that contributed to this. They are particularly satisfied with Component Servicing’s  solid knowledge of older machines. Jernbro’s customers have given an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 88 out of 100, which thus shows that customer loyalty is very high. The NKI figure (Customer Satisfaction Index) is also high for the department, which is 86 out of 100.

Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) has had a long-term collaboration with Component Servicing at Jernbro, mainly with repairs of spindles and electronics.

− The most unique about Component Servicing is that they have expertise regarding all our machines, whether they are from the 80s or 2020. This is good for us, since we have 40 years old electrical and control systems. There are many who know the new machines, but there are few who know the ones from the 80s and 90s, which I think is Component Servicing’s strength, says Patrik Johansson, Maintenance Manager at AC Floby

AC Floby manufactures connecting rods, brake discs and wheel hubs for the automotive industry, through cutting metal processing in NC machines. It is the spare parts of these machines that Jernbro mainly performs planned maintenance on.

− We have thousands of spare parts stored with us. When a component breaks in the factory, it is replaced with a spare part from stock. The broken part is sent to Jernbro for repair and when it arrives again it ends up in storage and is thus available for our maintainers to use when a need arises for a machine, says Patrik.

In addition to sending spare parts to Jernbro for repair, optimization or refurbishment, AC Floby also employs expert skills for occasional troubleshooting. Jernbro is, for example, good at servo drives. Over the years, there has also been a need to have certain skills in place for a longer period, such as programming, operational reliability and improvement work.

− We have a good dialogue with Jernbro and we get help at the right time. I appreciate that they offer both components and technical support on site. The fact that they are local and that we can get help quickly when the need occasionally occurs, is really good. Since they can hunt down old spare parts that no longer can be bought, we are also satisfied. For example, Jernbro recently helped us with a control, which they brought home from Finland, verified the status of and then assembled at us, says Patrik.

− In my regular conversations with AC Floby, they have told me that they are satisfied with Component Servicing. It is, of course, most noticeable when we rescue them in emergency situations, for instance when machines stop working and the factory cannot deliver. We are particularly happy when we can help them in such situations. We also have long-term discussions about how to secure their machinery for the future, which is also highly appreciated, says Mats Ahrling, Business Developer at Jernbro.

− We have recently signed an agreement with Jernbro called Guaranteed Repair. The agreement means that Jernbro undertakes to replace or repair our machines’ components, in order to secure the operation of our older machines for a certain number of years in the future, says Patrik.

− We are also having good conversations with AC Floby about how they should build up their knowledge of, for example, servo technology through training. This is positive, because it saves time in the process if the customers themselves can identify which part that is broken. It is especially important when it is urgent and their customers are waiting for their deliveries, concludes Mats.

AC Floby, Jernbro

AC Floby, Jernbro

Electric motors and electronics are examples of items that Jernbro repairs for AC Floby.

Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) offers its global customers manufacture of connecting rods, brake discs and wheel hubs according to the automotive industry’s highest standards in terms of quality, precision and environmental impact.

The customer survey shows, among other things, that Component Servicing is valued for its positive treatment, which is imbued with high quality and competence, commitment, openness, good cooperation and quick feedback. The fact that Component Servicing is good at building long-term customer relationships and are local and nearby and thus knows the customers’ business, also weighs eavily.

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