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We are now broadening our offer to customers in the water and sewerage segment and the industry with system solutions for environmentally adapted water treatment. 

We are seeing an increased demand for this type of solution due to the increasingly tough legislation in the environmental area. By offering tailor-made design, manufacture, installation and service of equipment for drainage and thickening, we can help solve the challenges our customers face regarding environmental impact.

Gravity Belt thickener (BT) separates sludge from water in industrial applications and the water and sewage sector. The dry content of the sludge amounts to about 12% after the process.

Screw press (SCP) is used after thickening and further drains the sludge with up to about 25% dry content on outgoing sludge.

Dynamic sludge mixer (SDM) mixes process water with various chemical substances to improve its structure for later dewatering process. It provides a low energy cost with high efficiency of dynamic mixer mixing.

Polymer System (SDT) is a complete equipment for dissolving and dosing polymer in various applications.


water treatment


More information about the offer will come later this year.

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