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We took over as the new owner of GISAB (Gällivare Industriservice AB) on February 1. Now, we are strengthening the Jernbro Group’s presence in Kiruna by GISAB acquiring the operations of JF Mek AB.

– The acquisition primarily means a strengthening of local presence, capacity and range of services in Kiruna, where we are now creating a base with about 70 competent employees and access to a large network of partners. We want to contribute to our customers’ competitiveness to a greater extent and be active in the ongoing and planned industrial expansion throughout the region, says Mikael Jansson, President and CEO of Jernbro Industrial Services AB.

– In recent years, GISAB and JF Mek have worked closely with each other. We see it as a natural part of the process that JF Mek is now part of GISAB’s organization. With their competence and experience in the industry as well as their broad network of contacts, GISAB’s and Jernbro’s expansion in Kiruna and in the region as a whole will be strengthened, says Boris Lindberg, CEO of GISAB.

– We are very happy to be part of GISAB and the Jernbro Group. Together, we will be more competitive and have better conditions to serve our customers in the best possible way, says Johannes Johansson, CEO of JF Mek, who is now moving to employment at GISAB.

JF Mek GISAB Jernbro

Johannes Johansson (JF Mek) and Conny Labba (Site Manager at GISAB in Kiruna) look forward to the in-depth collaboration

The subsidiary GISAB (Gällivare Industriservice AB) is a leading player in industrial maintenance and projects in Norrbotten with a turnover of approximately SEK 400 million and 100 employees. GISAB offers everything from service and maintenance services and complex projects to long-term partnerships for industrial customers, mainly in steel and mines. Read more about GISAB

JF Mek AB är inriktat mot service och underhåll inom gruvindustrin. Företaget omsätter ca 20 MSEK och har 15 anställda. JF Mek hjälper kunder lokalt och runtom i Norrbotten med svetsning, montage, utbildning och konstruktion. Learn more about JF Mek

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Mikael Jansson, Regional Manager Maintenance North, Vice President and Senior Advisor Stockholm +46 10-483 11 80 Email

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