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Most industries have a great potential to increase their profitability and to reduce their impact on the environment. Now, we can implement energy-efficient solutions that take advantage of untapped potential, as well as contributing to a more sustainable production. The solution falls within our recently expanded offering in energy services called Energy Management.

The potential lies in streamlining technical supply systems and support functions and in utilizing the surplus energy. But, since the core business normally requires all the focus and capital, the potential is not taken advantage of.

– Then, it’s definitely a good idea to use external expertise to implement development and streamlining of functions around the core business, says Mikael Jansson, CEO of Jernbro..


In an industry, our measures can result in increased productivity in operation and maintenance, greatly reduced energy use and environmental impact. There are examples from studies that show that primary energy purchases are expected to decrease by 70% and related CO2 emissions by 97%.

– We can see a growing interest in our offering in the industry, where increased efficiency in these areas can significantly contribute to customers’ competitiveness. Our domestic industry already lives in tough market conditions that obviously require priorities and an undivided focus on the core business. At the same time, legislation is being tightened and the outside world’s views and demands on environmental impact and sustainability in production, Mikael Jansson clarifies.

Energy Management covers everything from a feasibility study with a cost-calculated and prioritized action plan to the implementation of measures as well as subsequent operation and maintenance with guarantees for the result. If necessary, financing is also offered.

– Values are thus realized through optimization of peripheral functions and supply systems. These are significant contributions to competitiveness, which otherwise risk remaining hidden or prioritized away, concludes Mikael Jansson.

Energy Management, Strategisk Partner

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