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Thanks to its in-depth technical knowledge in automation solutions, Jernbro has once again been successful and won three large automation deals.

Special machines for assembling and testing components in combustion engines

Design and manufacturing begins in the summer of 2016 and the first delivery and installation will take place during summer 2017, followed by final delivery during summer 2018. This delivery gives the customer high availability based on good maintainability when the equipment is designed.

“We at Jernbro are very proud of being able to present the customer with the best technical solution while providing a favourable Life Cycle Cost (LCC),” says Kalle Sjöstrand, project manager at Jernbro.

Material handling equipment for cast components

Jernbro will deliver robot cells, an automated high-bay warehouse, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and a conveyor system for finishing cast parts. The components involved are cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and flywheels.  Design and manufacturing will begin in summer 2016, with delivery and installation ongoing from spring until autumn 2017.

Rebuilding AGVs in the assembly plant

Jernbro is honoured to rebuild a fleet of AGVs used for assembling powertrain components. We are upgrading them to be controlled through a PLC- instead of PC-solution as earlier. The work has already begun and is scheduled to be completed in the autumn.

“At Jernbro, we have an established concept for this kind of upgrading,” says Pär Knutsson, AGV manager at Jernbro. “We upgrade and test AGVs in batches before we return them to the production flow. Meanwhile, other AGVs replace them, with no interruption of the customer’s production.”

Deliveries come from Jernbro’s automation operations based in Skövde but with good experience of delivering projects globally.



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