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Our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) can be delivered with a variety of navigation methods to best suit the customer’s needs:

Magnet – The AGV follows a magnetic tape that is glued to the floor
Optical – The AGV follows one or more painted lines
Induction – The AGV follows one or more induction cables that are suspended in the floor
Contour – The AGV reads the contours of the surroundings and creates a map which it follows (also called natural navigation)
Hybrid – A combination of several navigation methods



  • Modular and fully customizable to customer needs
  • Flexible systems that can be quickly adapted to changes in production
  • Autonomous systems that can be adjusted to match the company’s production rate
  • Can be equipped with alternative user interfaces – everything from simple button press interfaces to graphic color screens
  • The investment is profitable even with a small number of AGV systems
  • Ergonomic fitting
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Siemens S7 control system guarantees high reliability
  • Continuous operation at speeds from 0.4 meters per minute
  • High operator safety adheres to the latest safety standards
  • Standard components come as far as possible from the largest global suppliers
  • Energy supply can be customized according to modes of use – everything from inductive charging to ordinary batteries


Our flexible and independent systems have high reliability and built-in quality assurance. It’s also possible to install the control system quickly. These are some of the reasons why we have been supplying AGVs around the world since 1986.


TC30 AGV with double fixtures


TC40 AGV with telescoping fixtures

TC55 AGV for transport



TC70 AGV with fixture tower

TC80 AGV for transport

Watch: Löfven and Merkel are shown TC80
at the Hannover Messe


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