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We have a new offer, which we call Jernbro Water Technologies. The collective concept includes our products and services that are provided to manage and purify process water for the municipal water and sewerage sector as well as the industrial sector.

More specifically, it’s polymer equipment, equipment for sludge thickening and dewatering, as well as upgrades, maintenance and spare parts of and for these products. Contracts for pipe installations and installation of process equipment in water and sewage are also included. In addition, we possess specialist knowledge in the water and sewage area regarding status and risk assessments as well as CE marking.

− Through Jernbro Water Technologies, we strengthen our offering to customers in the water and sewerage and industrial sectors. Customers need to live up to increasingly tough legislation in the environmental area and therefore we take a collective approach to meet the increased demand in water treatment, where system solutions for environmentally adapted water treatment and installation are included as well as consulting and aftermarket services, says Mikael Jansson, CEO of Jernbro Industrial Services.

Polymer equipment is used to separate organic material from water, while sludge thickening and dewatering products separate water from sludge to obtain a dry end product. The equipment, which is based on both innovations and traditionally proven technology, is of great benefit to water and sewage treatment plants as well as in the fishing, chemical and paper industries, foundries, biogas applications and food processing, as well as in other industrial activities with process water. Since we’re located in several locations in Sweden, it’s possible to get service close to you to achieve increased operational reliability.

− With the launch of our new offering, we want to contribute to improved function, cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact, Mikael Jansson concludes.


polymer utrustning

Polymer equipment

Utrustning förtjockning

Sludge thickening and dewatering equipment

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