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Come and join us at the Maintenance Fair to exchange experiences about industrial maintenance. We are happy to discuss how we can help you get world-class maintenance to be able to produce more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Simply, industrial service for better flow.

May 31 – June 3 we are in booth
B06:20 at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg

Several of our employees from different parts of the country are on site. Come and talk to them about maintenance, strategic partnerships, projects, workshops, component servicing, engineering and energy management, as well as our subsidiaries, GMK and GISAB.

With Kenneth Lovidius, Anders Gustafsson, Niklas Jälmevik and Martin Berntsson, you can discuss how we can help you get world-class maintenance through Jernbro Maintenance Way, Strategic Partnerships and Object-Oriented Maintenance.

Tor Holm Eriksson is a project manager for large complex projects in several different industrial segments and is also well versed in service and new production of machine spare parts.

If you need design, manufacture and installation of pipelines, pressure equipment and steel building structures, among other things, you should talk to Pelle Sjöö at the fair.

Mats Ahrling knows all about how to increase the service life of components through repairs and service for machining spindles, electronics and electric motors. At the fair, Mats will also demonstrate how we can analyze motor drives via PAS – Predictive Analysis by Servo.

Our engineers and specialists in machine safety, programming and system development work with everything from idea and feasibility study to design, assembly and finished facilities. Martin Wirén is happy to tell you more about this.

Björn Nilsson is our expert in Energy Management and implements energy-efficient solutions to take advantage of untapped potential and reduce the impact on the environment.

We are also accompanied by our subsidiaries. From GMK, Håkan Schramm, Anders Karlsson, Victor Strand and Staffan Erixon are joining us and from GISAB it’s Conny Labba and Magnus Nilsson.


Object-oriented maintenance with digital aids

In addition to the exhibition, we will also together with our customer Schwenk, present Object-Oriented Maintenance with digital aids.
This will take place on Thursday 2 June at 11 am at the Main Stage in hall A.

Come and listen to how our concept Object-Oriented Maintenance secured Schwenk’s needs for:

– Maintenance delivery in several locations
– Access to resources from one and the same supplier
– An overall picture of related information in a common digital system
– Security, since all work is performed with safety in focus

Lecturers: Ann-Louise Grahed, Logistics Manager at Schwenk Sverige AB and Martin Berntsson, Business Area Manager Maintenance at Jernbro

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