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We know Swedish industry

We offer a wide range of services. But one thing unites everything: the goal that you get out more for less money. In-depth competence, understanding of the conditions in industry and closeness to our customers mean we dare to promise this.

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Ikon för mer säker produktion more safety
Ikon för mer effektiv produktion more efficiency
Ikon för mer tillgänglig produktion more availability

How do you want to develop your production?

Do you need help developing and improving your maintenance?

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Are you interested in a maintenance agreement?

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Do you need extra maintenance resources or specialist skills?

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Do you need quick help to repair a component?

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Do you want to develop your production plant?

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Do you need a customised solution for machine/production systems?

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Are you considering letting an expert take over maintenance?

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Do you need the expertise to make changes in production?

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At Jernbro you get access to a wealth of resources. The required competence is often available locally close to your operations allowing us to work close to you. There are two main benefits. We get to know your business better at the same time as we can allocate the resources needed at short notice.


mechanics, welders,
hydraulic technicians


electricians and
instrument technicians




co-workers within analysis,
production and internal transport

In Sweden and internationally

We have many customers. From small and medium-size companies to large international groups. We have also followed our customers out into the world and helped them with both assignments and machine deliveries.

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More efficiency

Maintenance costs have already gone down

A couple of years ago, the management at Ala sawmill decided to invest in maintenance development. With the help of Jernbro, they are well on their way towards increased availability, lower maintenanc…

More efficiency

Capability has increased by 30%

Jernbro promised that capability would be the same or better after commissioning. Parker’s follow-up shows that capability has increased by 30 per cent.

More safety

66% fewer call-outs

The Port of Oxelösund is focusing on increased productivity, placing new demands on maintenance organization.

Greater wealth of resources

Downtime costs twice as much during winter

Jernbro’s first assignment for Umeå Energi was to install a new superheater in a power plant.

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