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On August 1st, 2018, Jernbro Industrial Services AB received a new owner when it was acquired by affiliates of Aksiom Partners Fund I, LP (“Aksiom”).

Aksiom was formed in 2017 and invests in medium-sized European companies that offer and supply advanced technical services for customers in the industrial and energy sectors, and that have a high growth potential.

Mikael Jansson, CEO

In conjunction with the acquisition, Mikael Jansson (born 1961) has been appointed as the new President and CEO. Mikael brings solid experience gained from the development of technology service companies active in the industrial, property and energy segments. Mikael has previously held CEO positions at companies including Fortum, Dalkia Industripartner, Autotank and VKG. For the past six years, Mikael has been CEO and Group Manager of Veolia’s Nordic operations.

“Jernbro has recently completed restructuring work, and is now ready for growth with a primary focus on the industrial and energy segments in Sweden and the other Nordic countries”, says Mikael Jansson.

“A strong foundation is now being built upon which we can base our future development: Aksiom as a new growth-oriented owner with ambitious objectives, and a Jernbro in good condition – providing the platform for our building work with regard to geographical coverage, competence within maintenance-technology, customer portfolio and a wide range of services within projects and maintenance. I see good opportunities for future growth – particularly in the area of services, which clearly contributes to improving the competitiveness of the industry – and I am very proud to have been entrusted with the role of leading Jernbro further towards new objectives”, concludes Mikael.

Jernbro is one of Sweden’s leading operators within industrial services, with a current turnover of approx. SEK 1 billion and 700 employees. Every day, all through the year, we help Swedish industry to operate both more safely and more efficiently.

Jernbro has the market’s broadest offering. With our in-depth expertise of maintenance, technology and specialist services, we are able to develop both our customers’ maintenance and production facilities. Our objective is to simultaneously improve productivity and reduce total costs, in order to create more secure, more efficient and more accessible production facilities.

We can be found locally, wherever our customers are. This proximity means that our expertise is available in the local area, enabling us to quickly provide the right resources at the right time. Being close at hand also allows us to get to know our customers’ processes and challenges. The aim is that the local area will grow and develop together with us.

Jernbro’s many customers include both small and medium-sized local companies and large-scale international corporations. We also follow with our customers out in the world and help with both assignments and machine deliveries.

Jernbro can be found in 25 locations. Many of our employees have extensive experience of Swedish industry. Long-established relationships, combined with great commitment and interest in technology and improvements, have resulted in in-depth expertise in a range of industrial segments, including workshops, steel, foodstuffs, plastics & rubber, wood, paper & pulp, and chemistry, as well as in the energy sector.

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Marketing Manager
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