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PAROC in Hällekis wanted to secure the operation of two flying hijackers until it was time to replace them. The solution became Jernbro’s concept called overhaul. This is the second time PAROC in Hällekis signs this with Component Servicing at Jernbro Industrial Services in Skövde.

An overhaul means that Component Servicing replaces a large number of electronics and electrical components in different parts to provide a very reliable product throughout. A 5-year warranty is also included in the parts.

– Our agreement with Jernbro means that they are actively replacing electronics components in our older electronics units, such as Bosch Rexroth servo drives and servomotors in two so-called flying hijackers, for new fresh ones, explains Martin Andersson at PAROC in Hällekis. This type of cutting cuts our building insulation while transporting the goods.

– Since we have a great deal of experience with these products, we know which parts usually cause breakdowns, says Mats Ahrling at Jernbro. All of the machines will be sent to us in Skövde and replaced before the holiday.

– It’s a smooth way to extend the life of the hijackers, which we are pleased with, concludes Martin at PAROC in Hällekis.

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