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In collaboration with two major customers, Jernbro is designing, making and installing final assembly lines in Russia and Thailand.

This has involved a series of exciting challenges and resulted in an even clearer global footprint. Jernbro’s customers have had factories in Kaluga and Russia since the mid-2000s.


“Working in Russia poses special demands and the process has been a learning experience,” says Patrik Sahlberg, Sales Manager Automation at Jernbro.

“The fact that the country is not a member of the EU is significant. For example, we have had to acquire special passes for the machines to be able to deliver equipment and apply for several certificates to be allowed to export what is needed for the project. On the other hand, now that we have these, we can deliver lines to the entire Russian market, regardless of the customer.”

Jernbro has enlisted the help of a local company during the installation, contributing to successful implementation according to Russian rules. Jernbro has well-developed collaboration with its customers globally.


A new production line is being built in Thailand to meet the increasing demand for vehicles.

Jernbro has been responsible for both the installation and commissioning of a line for the final assembly of vehicles and cabs.

Both plants in Thailand and Russia are based on a concept developed by Jernbro. The assembly line is based on standard components to facilitate maintenance without access to specialists.

One of the reasons why the customers in question chose us is that we can adapt technology to local needs and offer a competitive solution. It gives us a viable perspective both when it comes to maintenance and lifetime, which is the whole basic idea for us,” says Patrik Sahlberg.


This type of production line is highly customisable and can be used for a variety of production processes and products including rollers, trucks and construction equipment. It makes them a very competitive alternative for countries that go from small-scale to full-scale production.

International interest is therefore large. At Jernbro we are in discussions with several global players and we see a growing interest in implementing final lines of this type in both the Middle East and Asia

Jernbro is present in several continents including the Chinese market where machine equipment with a relatively high technical level is in demand. However, we have no lines of this type yet in China.

“Being able to offer competitive production lines made in Sweden to the Chinese market could mean interesting opportunities for us,” says Patrik Sahlberg.



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