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The solution for Trelleborg Sealing Profiles was a multi-year agreement with Jernbro for a total solution for maintenance, service and logistics. Trelleborg Sealing Profiles is specialized in sealings and sealing systems and is located in Värnamo. Here they produce and handle standardized, customized sealing innovations for a large number of industries.

Johan Wahlström has been the Operations Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Profiles Sweden since May 2012. When he started, cooperation with Jernbro had already begun a few months earlier.

“Even if I wasn’t there myself, I know they wanted to make real improvements, when it came to maintenance,” says Johan.

Initially the goal was cost-savings and it was decided that it would be more beneficial with a total solution, where a single supplier took care of several business support services. They have gradually seen that it is possible to improve availability with Jernbro’s help.

“After discussions with Jernbro, we decided on an agreement that covers maintenance, service and logistics. On top of this, we also commission new installations, purchase of machines and cleaning services.”

In connection with Jernbro getting responsibility for these parts, they also took over Trelleborg’s co-workers in the departments concerned. At the beginning of 2014, Jernbro had about 20 co-workers on site, most of whom were former Trelleborg employees.

“It is very valuable to be able to solve it like this, as it concerns areas where you can take advantage of special competence. Add to that well-developed maintenance systems, which Jernbro has done, and you have the right conditions to improve operational efficiency,” says Johan Wahlström.



Some of the co-workers had been at Trelleborg a long time and now found themselves in a new situation where some of their previous colleagues now became their customers.

“It is clear that there will be a period of adjustment, but I feel it is working well. Now that they are employed at a company focusing on industrial services, it can bring new development opportunities to many of them within their special area of competence. They can gain more responsibility and grow in their roles.”

Johan Wahlström is very satisfied with the outcome of the new solution.

“It is clear that structuring service and maintenance is better. Achieving increased availability and preventing emergency maintenance are important. We, of course, want as much uptime as possible and Jernbro has helped us with this.”

He regards it as a big advantage that Jernbro is present throughout the whole chain, from Trelleborg receiving material from their suppliers, through the whole handling process until they load for delivery to the customers.

“This overall concept creates commitment. I see Jernbro as a cooperation partner that actively contributes to our improvement process. At the moment, we have a project that will lead to reduced set-up times, and Jernbro is helping us in our work.”

He also sees that their new solution improves flexibility.

“By having this agreement with Jernbro we can easily bring in skills in electricity documentation in the necessary phases,” he adds.

The next natural step in the cooperation would therefore be that Jernbro uses all the information they have gained through assignments in the company and transform it into a series of improvement suggestions.


Jernbro’s agreement with Trelleborg Sealing Profiles Sweden runs for six years from March 2012. The agreement is worth around SEK 120 million and includes Jernbro coordinating and developing a large number of business support services in and around the plant at Värnamo.

Trelleborg is a global leader in engineered polymer solutions. They seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Trelleborg Sealing Profiles manufactures extruded profiles, elastomers and seals for windows and facades for residential and industrial applications. The organization has sales of approximately SEK 1 billion (EUR 115 million), and has around 585 employees in the US, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

About Trelleborg Sealing Profiles

“It is clear that structuring service and maintenance is better. Achieving increased availability and preventing emergency maintenance are important. We, of course, want as much uptime as possible and Jernbro has helped us with this.”
Johan Wahlström, Operations manager at Trelleborg Sealing Profiles Sweden

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