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Meritor was in need of a track system for three AGVs that could receive and act according to instructions. The system should be able to run uncured cargo between rail systems and go to different stations depending on which cargo it was. The aim was to increase the capacity, as well as make the system safer and more reliable.



Jernbro has contributed to the fact that manual runs have been replaced by more automatic logistics transports which take place every ten minutes between different railway systems. In addition, the probability of accidents has been minimized.

– We have adapted our standard AGV TC55 with a special track, ”says Pär Knutsson, Sales Manager at Automation in Skövde. The AGVs have pallets that run uncured cargo between the various equipment. Continuous or subsequent operations are then carried out in a rear axle or to transport goods between track systems.

Meritor is a global supplier of axle, brake and suspension solutions to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket in the transport and industrial sectors, such as trucks, trailers, buses and off-road vehicles. Meritor is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, United States.

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